The Scar

February 8, 2008
I am very, very stupid in the way that I tried to commit the murder. I watched him everyday and I thought that he wouldn’t be home. I was just going to hide in the closet and wait for the best time to kill him. It was a disaster.

The first time that I thought of killing him, I thought I was just crazy and that I wasn’t going to do it. He had never said anything mean or done anything wrong to me. I just hated him because of a big scar that he had on his face. It disgusted me. I thought about ripping it off everyday. I couldn’t do something like that I thought, but I just had to get it out of my mind and I needed to get rid of that scar.

I need to make a plan and get weapons. I want to kill him very slowly and cut out his scar. After I am done I want to dispose of his body and make sure there is no evidence of the murder. I will wait until he is not home and then wait in a closet or in an empty room. This is going to be very fun and easy.

Today I watched his every move. I followed him to his work place and saw what his daily routine was. I found out at 6 p.m. he is not home and he doesn’t come home until 6 30 p.m. I want to catch him off guard and kill him.

I have two more days until I plan to kill him. I have my plan ready to go and I have my kitchen knife that I am going to use to kill him. I want to cut his scar off his face and burn it. No one will have to see his scar ever again. I will also burn his body so there is no remains and that there is no evidence. This is going to be the best time of my life.

Today is the last day that I have before I do what I need to do. I will not turn back tomorrow and I will go through with my plan to kill him. I am doing the world a favor by getting rid of the scar forever. No one will ever see that disgusting scar ever again.

Ah, today is the day that I have been waiting for a long time. This is the day that the scar is gone forever and out of the world. I have three hours until I have to be at his apartment waiting for him. I need to get ready and get my materials together.

I have one hour left and I am ready now. I am getting very excited to go through with this plan. I will be happy that I don’t need to see that scar ever again. This is going to be the best day ever.

I have broken into his house. I walk into a room. I see him. How can this be? He is not supposed to be home right now. He looks at me in shock. He says what are u doing? I don’t answer and just go to stab him with my knife. He blocks it. Then I feel my face and I notice that I am bleeding. He stabbed me! My plan did not work. Now he is looking at me. I can’t move anything. I see his scar! I see his scar! It is disgusting. I throw up and I choke on my vomit. But he saves me. Why? I don’t know why. He calls 911 and they take me to the hospital.

I wake up at the hospital and I see him. He is there sitting in a chair watching me. I feel very nervous and I want him to leave. He leaves and before he goes he says now we look the same. I am very confused. I ask the nurse for a mirror. I look at my face and I see a huge scar. I am just like him and I hate myself now. I have become disgusting and I can’t stand to look at the mirror. I am just like him!

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