What is Love?

February 8, 2008
I was very lonely and very shy in a poor neighborhood of Queens. I love the neighborhood. It couldn’t get much better. There was life, people outside talking. The people here in Queens are very friendly. To tell you a little about my story my name is Scott. I lived in a very poor house and I didn’t really care because I was going to move out soon. I was a senior in high school and I was proud of it. It was my last year of high school then off to college.
One day I was walking down the street and I saw this very beautiful woman. I knew her from the neighborhood because I had seen her so many times but I was way too shy to ask her name. My best friend Alex was pretty good friends with the woman. Alex is friends with everyone from school. When I was walking and I saw her, Alex came to me and asked me “why are you looking at her?” I was too shy to tell him that I thought she was pretty so I just told him that I thought I knew her from somewhere. Alex had a feeling that I liked her from the look on my face. He went up to her and started talking to her. I was a little scared that he was going to mention me when he was talking.
She looked at me for a second. She walked up to me and said hi. Her name was Stephanie. I introduced myself to her. Stephanie gave me her number because she knew that I was really good at math and she wanted a tutor. I was so excited and I told her to call me anytime she needs help with math. Alex and I walked home in the pouring rain because our parents didn’t have any cars to pick us up. The next day when I walked to school I saw Stephanie and I was very excited. She switched to my school because she lived in the next town over but couldn’t afford living there so she moved four houses away from me. I felt a new friendship coming and maybe a little relationship.
I walked with her to her house and she invited me in for tea. I didn’t want to disturb her parents so I didn’t go in. She gave me a kiss before I went back to my house. Then Sunday came and Stephanie called me up to see if I wanted to see a movie with her. I was really excited but I was acting all cool: “yeah sure why not”. Then we walked to the movies and I bought her a bag of popcorn. It was a romantic movie. I knew she would love the movies. In the middle of the movie she moved her head onto my shoulder.
Then 10 minutes later she wanted to kiss me so I kissed her and it was very romantic. A few weeks passed and I was hanging out with her everyday. We went to the mall, the movies, dinner, we went everywhere.
The next day I went to her house and I wanted to give her a necklace that was my grandfathers. When he was in the army he gave me that necklace and said to give it to someone who I thought was very special. I knocked on the door and Stephanie’s mother answered it. I asked for Stephanie, she let me into the house and she said she’s upstairs in her room. I walked upstairs very nervously. I was holding the necklace in my hands shacking. I knocked on the door and nobody answered. Then I called Stephanie and still no answer. I opened the door and I saw Stephanie making out with another guy. I just dropped the necklace and left with tears on my face. The next day she called me and I ignored her. Then she came to my house and she said she was very sorry. I was not in the mood to see her anymore. The next day she came over and she was begging for us to come back together. She didn’t mean to make out with the guy. She said to me she was invited to the movies with a few friends and she got a little carried away. I forgived her because I trusted her. Two months later we got married and she never cheated on me again.

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