Halloween Night

February 8, 2008
By Skyler French, Kalamazoo, MI

One night on October 31,st is was pitch black outside. It was very cold, so cold it was about 43 degrees. The wind was blowing north west. I got dressed up into my costume. I was a witch with a dark black hat and a robe that was death black and a pair of black dress pants with an orange feather as a belt and around the rim of the hat too.
I walked with my dad, uncle, cousin, and my sister. We walked next door to my neighbors house. I could hear their Doxon in the background. So I rang the doorbell and two old people around 54 and their doxon came to the door. The doxon was being really squirmy. The lady held the dog as best as she could because her teeth were clenched together and she started to get red in the face. When I was looking at the next house, the doxon slipped out of her hands and I ran to the next house. I was even brave enough to go there because the doxon was still chasing me. My dad was running down the street with my uncle and then they got to where I was with the dog in his hands. My dad walked the dog back up to the people and she felt so bad that she gave us extra candy. That is an evil dog, I thought to myself.
I was like a lightning bolt down and up the street again. My cousins were right behind me. One house on my street was scarcely haunted. They had a vampire on the roof and a green and orange spot light. on the garage. They had a witch behind a tree that would follow you and would touch your hair. She would also try and take some of your candy from you. There was flickering lights on and a haunted pumpkin. It was like being in the movie Nightmare before Christmas. Only in a Halloween scent though. That pumpkin scared me the most because he had a slow evil grin that looked like he was going to do something bad and his orange body was all rotted out and the green stem on him or the I stood in place with my feet frozen to the ground.
I kept on tricker -or- treating and a guy kept on following me. I could see his shadow over my shoulder. I am so scared I said to myself. My heart was pumping out of my chest. My hands were trembling right on the side of my body. I didn’t dare move my arms. He kept on following me and when I got to the next house, it touched me. I slowly turned around and I saw the creature. He had a black cape and a black mask. He was doing a slow evil grin that looked like he was going to I ran and ran more, looked back at the creature ran more and when I was at the end of the driveway I looked and he was coming then whoosh! He Flew into the sky. I turned around and there were onions on the porch. That must mean it was a vampire. I looked like a pale manikin at a mall in those windows. My throat was dry and it felt like I had strep throat. I was open eyed and I was about to blow up my lungs by screaming. When I got to the street that my uncle, dad, cousin, and sister were on I told them that we had to go home right away. When we went home the vampire was there. He captured my mom. She was sitting on the floor with his mask around her mouth and he had her tied to a chair. My dad got the onions from the kitchen and put them in front of the vampire and he told him if you ever come back here again this is what will happen to you. “I am not leaving”, proposed the vampire. My dad took the onions chopped them up trying not to cry. He put the bowl in front of the vampire and he died right on the couch from smelling the onions. That vampire was not going to hurt anyone again.

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