Barbie-Otherwise Known as Ashley!

February 5, 2008
By Mara Mittenthal, Mattawan, MI

Once upon a time long long I'm just kidding. There was a girl named Ashley. She was beautiful; her gorgeous golden blonde hair hit the sunlight and practically blinded you! Her baby blue eyes shimmered and shined as she looked at you! She used a wonderful perfume and every time you passed her or she passed you, you could smell it! It reminded me of the Vera Wang Princess Perfume, sweet lavender colored flowers in the Spring! She looked like one of those bathing suite models that you see in fashion magazines; skinny and tan!
You could tell that she was a student. She was walking out of Avalon High School, with the rest of her classmates; she had all senior classes even though she was a junior! She had a calculus, science, and history book in her hand!
Over winter vacation, she and her family went to New York to visit her Aunt and Uncle. When she got there she was as cold as a swimsuit model at a photo shoot outside in Antarctica during the Winter! Even with the freezing cold weather she still made sure she had a lot of fun! She and her mom, Nancy, went shopping at Tiffany’s and Saks Fifth, listening to all the teenage girls begging their parents to let them get something, digging through all the sale stuff, and scurrying to get in the checkout line that had about a million people! They went skiing and snowboarding every day from sunrise to sunset! They went walking at night looking at all the beautiful lights, lighting up the streets! That's not all they did though, Ashley had a younger sister who was 4, and a younger cousin who was 4 and so she took them to the park. At the park her younger sister, Nicole, and her younger cousin, Kyle met Trevor who had an older brother that was just as old as Ashley! When it was time to go, Ashley was trying to get Nicole and Kyle to leave. They said they wouldn't leave because Trevor didn't have to go, so why did they. She kept telling them that it was getting cold out and they had to go home for supper! Trevor insisted that Ashley met her older brother and they exchanged phone numbers so that they could have a play date!
But when Austin saw Ashley he just paused and was in a blank stare! He was blinded with her beauty. Ashley on the other hand, was nonplussed. She thinks that just about every cute guy you ever meet is either too cocky or perverted and just was self-centered, so she started making assumptions. Plus she just wasn't looking for a boyfriend right now.
She needed to keep focus because in two weeks she'd be back home in California. She wanted to go to UCLA for college and since that summer she would have a lot to do, considering she would be taking care of Nicole all summer. Her parents were both very busy, her dad was a plastic surgeon and her mom was a nurse! They spent a lot of time at work but an awful lot of time at home too! Ashley's mom, Nancy only worked part time but she still wanted to keep busy, so in her spare time she helped out at the pharmacy a few blocks down from the house. Nancy wanted Ashley to get a head start on her independent study so that she wouldn't be behind if something came up during the year. She was still topic searching because she didn't know what she wanted to write about. She knew that sooner or later that something would just hit her and she knew that would be what she wanted to write about!
They still had 12 days before they had to fly back to Cali, and Ashley couldn't get this off of her mind! She wouldn't stop asking people what she thought she should write about but they were starting to get annoyed with her. They just told her "I don't know" and "You'll think of something, just wait and be patient!"
To get this off her mind, Nancy told her to take the kids to the park! Kyle and Nicole wanted Trevor to come to the park to so Ashley got out her pink, sparkly, cell phone and called Austin. Austin’s cell phone started playing the song, “No One”, by Alicia Keys, he knew that was her since he had her in his contacts and every time she called it would play that song! But since his phone had bad speakers it sounded more like fingers on a blackboard. He quickly picked it up so that the music would stop. Ashley told him that she was taking the kids to the park and that they wanted Kyle to come and she could pick him up on the way there so he wouldn't have to go and wait and watch the kids, and that she would drop them back off at the end of the day. He said that it'd be fine if he came, and that he would meet her there because it's to hard to keep track of three 4 year olds in New York City!
When she got to the park with the kids, Trevor and Austin were already there. Kyle and Nicole quickly took off to go play with Trevor. So poor Ashley was stuck with Austin! Ashley didn’t really know what to do, since she barely knew him. So she just started talking about things like what they do for fun and their childhood times. They had lost track of time and before they could notice an hour had passed and they were going to be late for dinner! So Ashley quickly told the kids that they had to go and that they were going to miss dinner! So they both quickly ran to the car. Austin didn’t even have time to blink, Ashley and the other kids were long gone!
Two weeks had went by and Ashley was headed back home, she still didn’t have a topic though. During Spring Break she and Nicole were coming back to New York to stay with her Aunt and Uncle. So time passed by and she still didn’t have a topic. She and Nicole boarded a plane to New York City one day and they slept on the plane. When they got into town the got their luggage and then hailed a cab! She told the driver to go to 859 Park Ave.
When they got there everyone was waiting outside, including Austin and Trevor! They all greeted each other and then went inside and ate dinner. But then as usual the kids wanted to go to the park, so Ashley and Austin volunteered to take them. When they got to the park they kids ran off and started playing, again, it was just Ashley and Austin. You could tell Austin was nervous he was stuttering and beginning to say things and then say never mind. Ashley liked Austin because when she was back at home, all she could think about was him. She could tell that he liked her, so she turned to him and they stopped walking. He again, started to say something and she kissed him!
He then didn’t feel so nervous around her so he told her what he was going to say, that he had been thinking of her the whole time that she was gone and since they didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day together he bought her box of chocolates and a teddy bear! The each fed each other one piece of chocolate. It tasted like rich, dark, creamy, raspberry filled chocolate! It was definitely the best chocolate she ever had! The teddy bear was so soft! Softer than a baby’s butt! She decided to name him Trevor, because if it weren’t for the kids wanting to go to the park they would have never met!
Soon Spring Break was over and Nicole and Ashley had to return home! Austin and Ashley kept in touch through e-mail and IMs! Years had passed by and Ashley was now out of high school and had already graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors Degree. She decided it was time to start a family. So she bought an apartment in New York City and kept seeing him.
They were always out to dinner, laughing and having the time of their lives! She wanted him to just ask her the big question; you know the one question where he asks her to take his hand in marriage! She spent hours imagining how it would happen; on the beach, out to dinner, with the family, she had no clue! She felt like years had been passing by and he still wasn’t ready, but one day he asked her to go to her favorite restaurant that sold caviar as an appetizer and filet mignon as the main encore. She was especially excited to dinner that night, not only because it was her favorite but because she thought and assumed that, that was the night she was going to get engaged. Sure enough when she arrived he was standing there in a tuxedo, admiring how beautiful she looked, and how she used the same Vera Wang Princess Perfume she had, the first day they met! He couldn’t wait to ask her to marry him so after a few minutes he got out of his chair, got down on one knee and told that the last couple of months that they had spent together were the best months of his life and asked her to marry her. She had the I’m-the-luckiest-girl-in-the-world look on her face! Unsurprisingly she said yes, and they all lived happily ever after… until the kids came along!

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