Among the Wolves

January 19, 2008
By Morgan Edmonson, Carthage, MO

She was dreaming... and in my dream i saw myself. I was sleeping in the snow. My milky-white skin slmost vanished against teh crisp snow. I was wearing a crimson silk gown. My eyes slowly opened to reveal pools of violet. I rose slowly, my black, glossy curls waving in the frigid breeze. I looked around and suddenly I became one with my body. I was in a clearing by a frozen stream. I bent down and grabbed my red velvet cloak.

The next thing I knew I was, not really running but jumping, so fast that the forest trees were a blur. My feet left no sign of me ever touching the ground. I reached the area where the stream met up with a lake. The surface was so clear you could see the fish and vegetation beneath it. Something cold touched my nose, a snowflake, I hadn't realized that it had begun to snow once more. I gingerly placed one foot on the ace, then the other.

I carefully padded over to the middle of the lake. My bare toes left condensation on the surface. The train of my gown glided across teh marble-like surface. I bent my head to see the frozen plants near the surface of the lake. For them... time stood still. I froze, something felt wrong. I looked up to see a white and grey wolf. It was so large that it would have had to bend down to level it's eyes with my own. For some absurd reason I was not alarmed but, comforted by its presence. A deafening crack sounded beneath me, it felt like slow motion. I had fallen in.

Down I sank, into the darkness. Strangely the water was not cold, but fresh feeling. I stayed there suspended in time, my dress and hair floating around me. Amazingly, I felt no need to breathe. I finally sank to the bottom where fish swam around me curiously. I walked on the lake bottom, the carpet-like mosssquished between my toes. The water was getting shallower and my head surfaced, the wolf stood in the same place. I stepped out of the water, my dress and hair showed no sign that they had ever gotten wet.

The wolf bowed, an almost human gesture. Then, the most astonishing thing happened, he glowed for a moment and then turned into a human. Might i add that he was a very attractive human at that. He wore a creme tunic with black embroidery and matching breeches. His long hair was pulled elegantly back into a horse's tail and secured with a silk ribbon. He smiled, bowed once more, and offered his hand. I met his smoldering gaze and knew instantly he meant no harm. I curtsied and gave him an equally dazzeling smile, then I took his hand.

He said, in a voice that enchanted me form the first syllable, "We've been waiting." That evening I met his people, they came in many colors.their furs were shades of cold, grey, white, tan, brown, red, and black. I sat beside the warm fire, it was getting late and I was getting tired. The wolf-man let me lean on his chest as I prepared for sleep. "Until next time milady," the wolf-man whispered as I drifted off. As soon as my dream body slept i awoke from my dream, what a dream it was.

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Trinity said...
on Aug. 25 2008 at 2:15 am
Hi I created this article and I appologize for the typo at the beginning of the story.


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