The Envelope

January 14, 2008
By Amanda Figueroa, Brooklyn, NY

The small office was filled with teachers rushing from all directions. A little girl named Ally walked towards the office exit with her hands filled with a large stack of books that towered over her head. As she approached the exit, she didn’t notice the student turning the corner. They both ended up crashing into each other, and Ally’s large pile of books came crashing to the ground.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Ally asked, picking up her books.

“Sorry about that. I was in a rush. Didn’t really see ya coming there,” the boy replied, recovering from his collision. “I’m Billy; what’s your name?”

“Ally,” she replied, bending down to pick up her last book. “I really have to get going now. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” With that said, All rushed off towards the school library.

About to go to class, Billy noticed an envelope on the floor. He picked it up and saw that it had Ally’s name on it. Deciding that he will give it back to her later on, he headed off to his next class.

Arriving to the library, Ally placed her books on top of the front desk’s counter.
“May I help you?” The librarian asked from behind the counter, while polishing her glasses.
“Oh yeah! I want to return these books please,” Ally replied. Before the librarian had a chance to take the first book, Ally remembered something. “Oh! Hold on a sec. I left an envelope in one of these books.”
After carefully looking through all of the books, the envelope was no where to be found and the librarian was getting impatient.
“Are you done yet?” The librarian asked, crossing her arms.
“Yea…You can check ‘em in now.” Ally said, leaving the library. “Where could I have put that envelope? I remember putting it one of my books.” Ally quietly said to herself as she strolled down the corridors.

BANG! Before Ally knew it, she was on the ground again. “Ow…,” she said lazily as she stood back up.
“We have to stop meeting up like this.” The boy said, laughing.
“Oh! Hi Billy!”
“Hi! I was looking for you.” Billy said as he handed the envelope to Ally.
“Oh my god! Thanks so much for returning it! How did you find it?”
“You left it behind when we first bumped into each other.”
“Ohhhh. Now I remember! It must have fell out of one of my books. Well thanks again!” As Ally walked away, she slipped the envelope into her pocket and it ended up slipping out and falling onto the floor.

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