Bandit Legion

January 14, 2008
December 30th, 3012
Transfarinsa City (Subway)
12:00 A.M.
~The brisk subway lights flickered on and off as I walked down the trail. Everything was so dark and gloomy here, it’s my 18th birthday and I haven’t ever been this miserable on my birthday. My parents died the day before from a shooting on 15th Lane of Transfarinsa Suburbs and the people who killed them…the notorious Harujen Clan.~

Ketsui: ~breathing heavily running down the subway to the end of the Transfarinsa City borderline~ “Almost Their he says in a low pitch tone”

~the trail seemed to be lit at the end and a noise with the sound of a gunshot ringing down the subway hall I stopped in my tracks and put my back to one of the long pillars with my only handgun with 3 bullets shells in the chamber of the gun. I would’ve run but my intuition told me some more of those crazy gun toting bandits would be at the end of the trail. And from behind me a trail of hot breath ran down my arm up to my spine as someone whispered “don’t move”~

Ketsui: “who are you” ~I replied in a scared but alert tone, I knew it was a woman because of the sureness of the voice~

Ash Lyn: “don’t worry I am not your enemy”

~from the end the gunshots stopped and random flares came down the hall getting closer and closer then I knew, we were getting shot at~
Ash Lyn: get down ~she said bring out an assault rifle from the back of her trench coat and began to shoot it at the people down the hall and they all fell down to the cold shafts floor~
~I seeing this took the packs of bullets they dropped and started to run down the hall before a sound of a helicopter over a microphone beamed “come out with your hands in the air and no one will be harmed” hearing this I ran past Ash Lyn and out the opposite side and jumped not realizing there wasn’t a path. It was a pit.

December 30th
(Unknown Area)
3:12 A.M.
~I awoke from the sound of footsteps seeming to get closer and louder and when I looked up I saw Ash Lyn jump down the pit and down to where I was with people wearing similar Special Ops Clothing~

Ash Lyn: “there he is. We have to help him he’s the only survivor of the Asakura family”

~me hearing this I went crazy with rage and started to punch the wall of the pit and fell to the ground~

Rave: “don’t worry kid; we’re going to look after you”

~me hearing this it kind of reassured me and comforted me in a sort as I replied with a swift “Thank you”~

Ash Lyn: “what’re we going to do with him boss?”
Rave: “I don’t know, maybe I can get Sirius to train him”
Ketsui: “mind me asking who that is exactly”
~I asked this with a tone of unsure ness~
Rave: “the person who’s gonna train you kid, welcome to the Scythe Special Ops”
Ketsui: “why me, well gladly since you guys saved me but out of everyone else why would you choose me, I mean I can fire a gun but that’s about all I’m good for”
Rave: “well good Sirius can help you with that! I mean you and...”

~before he could finish Ash Lyn leaned over and whispered something in his ear and his expression changed and he pointed to a helicopter heading down to their direction~

Rave: “all aboard guys”

~I stood there suspicious before he said “You to kid”~

December 31st
Scythe Ops Training Grounds (Barracks)
3: 52 A.M.

~I walked into my room numbered “2341” and put down the bag I carried with my belongings from home~

Sirius: “ok kid until you graduate to the Scythe Ops Main Barracks this is where you stay… GOT IT?”
Ketsui: ~at his tone I was afraid to answer so I just nodded slowly~

~he walked off slowly. Sirius is a tall medium sized figure with what it seemed like a bad attitude when you disobey him I decided to lay down for a long deserved rest…”

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