A Night to Remember

January 12, 2008
By Lauren Combs, East Marion, NY

"Hey, Lavender." Skylar Johnson caught up with his favorite friend from school. It was summertime now, school had let out weeks ago.

"Hey," Lavender seemed distracted . She wore a lacy white sundress, her wavy brown hair hung loose on her shoulders. Her gold flip-flops flapped across the pavement.

"Are you okay?" Skylar was worried about her.

They both walked into Montgomery park. Past the mist machine, carousel, and skateboard ramps. Farther. Skylar gestured to a nearby bench. She sat down at the edge, while he was way in the middle.

"My mom... is getting weaker from leukemia." Lavender squeaked out.

"That's awful. But, Lavender, there has to be a way to cure it. You know come up with a really good fundraiser, and raise money. We could put the proceeds toward curing cancer." Skylar explained.

"Wow, how brilliant." Lavender's face glowed.

A few moments later, she sighed: "I wonder what though.........." Her face was scrunched up in concentration.

"Hmmmm. You like to dance, right?" Skylar asked.

"Yes, I go to hip-hop classes every week. I don't understand where you are going with this though." Lavender remarked.

"We can have people dance all night. It will make money. They will donate cash because it's going toward cancer charities. They can dance to any type of music."

"How clever," Lavender implied.

"Skylar, you are a genius."

"It could be like from six in the evening to twelve o' clock in the morining. " Skylar said.

"I can't wait. This is going to really make a difference." Lavender had a dreamy look. "I'll call you later, Skylar. I got to tell Mom about it." Lavender waved good-bye. She scampered off towards her house.

It's a giant event. Skylar thought heading home. I mean, for the first time ever Fort Louderdale residents will be dancing all night.

"I'm just so captivated by this." Lavender's mom, Ursula said.

"I know, Mom. Me too. " Lavender replied.

They were in the kitchen sitting at the counter. Ursula drank mint tea from a tiny chipped cup.

"So, we should find a destination to hold this schindig." Ursula said.

Lavender giggled it was so funny whenever her mom used old fashioned words.

"The studio," She recommended with a solemn expression. "It's spacious. It can hold over 100 people."

A bedroom door burst open. "What's going on, mommy?" Lavender's little brother Max jumped into Ursula's lap.

"Honey, Lavender's friend figured out how to raise money to find a cure for cancer. It's really a great load of help." Ursula snuggled Max.

Max smiled. He wanted his mom to get better. When, he saw her this sick and frail-looking it brought pain to his seven year old heart.

"That's good news." Max stated. Ursula ruffled his tuscan sun gold hair.

"I should go call Skylar." Lavender announced.

"Sure thing, dear." Ursula handed her daughter the phone.

"Hey," Skylar picked up his phone as soon as he heard the piercing ring. He'd been outside playing basketball with his brother, Garrett.

"We should hold the dance party at the local studio." Lavender declared.

"Yeah, that's awesome!" Skylar said excitedly.

They discussed for a half hour, what would take place. The various food and drinks they should supply. It was all planned.

It was morning, sunlight streamed through the wide glass window of Lavender's periwinkle blue bedroom.

She rose from the canopy bed. Refreshed, Lavender yawned. Quickly, she changed out of her shorts and tangtop she'd slept in the previous night before.

She threw on a magenta halter top , and ruffled denim skirt with zebra-print VANS.

Lavender was jolly. About all of this. The wonder it could do for her mom and others battling cancer across the nation. It just ignited her with hope.

Lavender ate a healthy breakfeast. She shot out the door, after she bid her mom and Max good-bye.

She raced across the crosswalk, alert for any speeding cars.

Last night, she had called the manager of the studio, Basett Hound.

He said this would be a smash hit. The dance party would be scheduled the following Saturday night. The good news, was that her father Riley Bentley(who usually worked around the clock, a traveling salesman) was coming to the event. She had not seen him in months.

All in all, this was going to be a blast.

Saturday night, the sky was cotton candy pink scattered with scudded heart-shaped clouds.

Many people around Fort Lauderdale had recieved notices about this delightful event. Admission was $20.00. People happily payed and entered the enormous studio.

Lavender was dressed in a sophisticated jet black cotton dress with stylish rhinestone-studded black leather heels. She milled about the crowd passing out glow-in-the-dark rainbow necklaces.

It was twelvle o' clock arrived and she was exhausted. A sweaty Skylar embraced Lavender in a hug. He was wearing a tux. Very unlike Skylar. He never dressed up.

"I know what you're grinning about. I'm dressed up. But- it's special tonight." Skylar shouted over the booming stereo that was belting out Sean Paul's temperature.

"Allright, allright." A microphone screeched. The music cut. "I want to thank two compassionate people out there in the crowd tonight. I also want to say we have collected a hefty amount of cash that will be going towards a cure for cancer." Bassett Hound's eyes twinkled.

"Please enjoy the rest of your night. The last song is reserved for couples. Moore added. "I think a lot of you will enjoy it."

People whooped, applause errupted. Ursula was crying tears of joy,waving a lighter in the air.

Sarah Mclahlan's "Angel" sounded. Couples swayed gracefully to the music.

"Want to dance?" Skylar asked.

Lavender nodded. They held hands. She leaned on his shoulder. Skylar's chrystal blue eyes brimmed with tears of emotion.

"This night is just so amazing." Lavender choked, tears streaming down her face, Her forest green eyes glimmered.

Afterwards, the studio shut down. Ursula told Lavender she was sorry her father did not show and that she had a wonderful time, wanting to head home because Max was getting cranky.Lavender said she's be home later.

They preceded outside, and soon collapsed on the wet dewy grass to gaze at the stars.

Crickets chirped, the silvery rays of the moon fell on Skylar and Lavender.

"I always knew there were chances. Your mom will make it, Lavender." With that, Skylar leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Lavender returned the kiss back.

"Yeah. You're right." Lavender whispered.

"I'll walk you home." Skylar suggested. Lavender nodded.

Soon, Lavender arrived at her home. She went inside after wishing Skylar good-night.

She was totally surprised when she entered the den to settle down and watch Television.

Her father stood leaning against the doorway. His frosty blue eyes twinkled.

"Lavender!" Her dad enveloped her in one of his famous bear hugs. "I apologize for not making it. I was extremely busy with a client. How was your night?"

"Magical." Lavender just smirked. If only her father would have been there.

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