Terrible Night

January 23, 2008
It was a starry night and the weather was warm for an ordinary September night. In USA, Arizona, a rally which was organized by Jeep, was going on quickly. In the east, the car engines’ reverberating voices were heard between the craggy rocks of the Grand Canyon. On the horizon, through a massive, misty cloud of dust, the cars which were racing appeared promptly in the middle of the barren canyon land. They were on their way to eliminate their rivals to win the enormous and the secret prize of the “Jeep Rally 2030”.
Vincent was the leader of the hard race. Essentially, he was the leader of all the races. Everybody was saying that he inherited this skill from his grandfather. “If I will pass the canyon without any miserable circumstances my job will almost finish and it will be worth it.” he was thinking spiritedly.
Abruptly, at the west side of the canyon another immense, hazy cloud of dust emerged. All the drivers stopped their muddy cars inquisitively and apprehensively. Meanwhile, the dust vanished and a gleaming, bizarre light became visible. As soon as everything became clear to see, they became face to face with an object which they had never witnessed before. Whereas Vincent stayed there boldly, trying to find out what’s going on, the other racers escaped from there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. After that, he heard a loud bang and the magnificent door of the spaceship opened slowly. He was paralyzed. In the middle of the light beam, which came from the door, there was a bulky shadow staying motionless. It was a robust alien with his combative alien army behind him. “What should I do now?” Vincent asked himself quietly and he ran behind his car to hide from the tremendous alien army.
The events were happening very rapidly. Vincent was trying to find out what was happening. However, it was the strangest night of his life. He couldn’t understand how he had come to Arizona or how he came to the year 2030. Time was passing swiftly. Actually life was passing swiftly.
Suddenly, another chaos occurred: American Indians were attacking. They were running down to the road, towards the aliens. They had arrows and brown horses with them. They were screaming and yelling. When they arrived near to the spaceship, the army stopped in a special order. “Hello, alien! I am Grey Winged Big Eager. The leader of the Ruckus Tribe from North Arizona. These are our areas. We have to take you hostage,” he drawled calmly.
“Hello earthling. I am XZS7200. I am here to eradicate your territory. Please don’t fatigue us. Surrender,” declared the alien clearly word by word.
In the meantime, Vincent was watching them silently. Then, he saw the belligerent twinkle on their eyes. So, he commenced to tiptoeing against his car softly. He opened the grimy door and threw himself into the car. He started the engine. His Jeep’s engine was so strong that the two enemies about to fight turned their faces to Vincent. Immediately, Vincent accelerated and moved away behind the uneven rocks. The following scene was very mind blowing. Grey Winged Big Eager got the opportunity and exclaimed, “Attack, my little fledglings!”
At that point, all the tribe combatants jumped on to the alien army savagely and they took the alien’s powerful leader hostage. Next, they went to their camp leaving behind a mess. “To Ruckus Tribe! Oley, Oley, Oley,” they laughed together turning around their hostage. They were celebrating another victory by doing their own dance.
At another corner of the canyon, Vincent was still waiting for the grand clamor. He had parked his car under a crag waiting for the bitter end. He waited, waited and waited. Nevertheless, he didn’t heard any screams, any gun sounds or any explosion. There was a real quiet. His emotions impressed him to go and check what was going on. So he did. He went near the dark spaceship but he couldn’t see anyone in there. He approached to the spaceship a little more. Later, he noticed that someone was calling him. He looked there carefully than he saw that they were the alien army’s members. He couldn’t stand it and he entered the spaceship. “We are coming from the future. Please, don’t be afraid of us. We are here to get you peace and to adjust a mistake. When we were trying to come here from our time, we did a coordinate error and we sent the American Indians here from the 1800’s. Now, we have to correct this error and the only one who can fix this is our leader. Sadly, he is at the mercy of the Ruckus Tribe,” explained one of the aliens hastily.
“OKAY, but what can I do?” questioned Vincent.
“We want you to be our temporary leader and to do peacemaking between us and the American Indians.” replied the same alien.

Following this conversation, Vincent and the alien army went to the Ruckus tribe’s camp. They narrated their story to Grey Winged Big Eager. In addition they told him if he will release XZS7200, he will be send to 1800’s again, and will be the happier and the most restful tribe in the world. Of course Grey Winged Big Eager was persuaded and he went to the spaceship with his tribe and the aliens.
In the end, Ruckus Tribal and the aliens both went to their time and their planet. At the same time, Vincent was going to his house. He was thinking the story that he will explain to his children who were the only ones that could understand and listen to him.

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