January 23, 2008
By Kaan Konukcu, Istanbul, ZZ

‘‘Many years ago, there was a Cinderella who lives with belligeregnt and envious stepmother and sister…’’ this is the wrong type of the story. Everybody knows this type of CINDERELLA. Let tell you the true type.

Many years ago there was a sly and a combative girl whoose name is Cinderella. She killed her mum and sisters on purpose for her heirship which was inherited from her dad. Also her dad was a good man and he found a new family for Cinderella. Cinderella didn’t get happy for this circumstances. ‘ I killed my family but my dad get another one. That’s too ludicrous, I am sure that I’m very lucky,’ she murmured her self. Than, she met with her new family. Her stepmother was a defiant woman and unfortunatelly she didn’t like Cinderella. Also her stepsisters were monotonous girls.

On their first day at home Cinderella’s dad emphasized ‘Look Cinderella, Unfortunately I will not be with you because I must go out of the city for bussines. I expect that you will not hurt your step-sisters. I don’t have doubts about that your step-mother is a gentle person. I sad theese words to your new family too. Do not neglect me . Okay?’ to Cinderella. ‘Okay dad,’ Cinderella agreed.

Cinderella was always treating her step-sisters callously. She was threatening them to run errands. But she was afraid of her mum. One day her mother came to home very happy and squealed‘ Girls I get some tickets for the ball of the prince and he is looking for a young and beatiful woman for marry with. You must be volunteer my sweety girls,’’ ‘‘BUT’’ she began ‘‘ you cinderella, are not coming.’’ She sneered to Cinderella.
‘But…. But,’ Cinderella whimpered.
‘No my darling, you must clean the house and wait us,’she added.

The ball day arrived. Step-mother and sister prepared and went to the ball. Then I heard crying and flew next the voice. ‘Who is crying? Is there anything bad?’’ I yelled.
‘It’s me Cinderella. My step-mother and sisters went to the ball and left me alone at home,’’someone answered. Unfortunately at that time, I didn’t know that Cinderella is a bad person, so I wanted to help her

‘Oooohh you’re so miserable. I can help you,’ I reassured her. ‘How?’ she asked.
‘I will use my magic hands and give clothe excellent rangs to you, I will turn the mice into a horse and your cat will be your driver,’ I claimmed.
‘Oh come on, theese only happens in the fairy tales,’ She argued.
‘This is your fairy tale Cinderella, if you dont believe me let’s see what will happen,’ I replied to her. Than, I did everythink I claimed. She could’t believe to her eyes and she became very happy. She sat in the car. When they were going, ‘Cinderella if you don’t come to home before 12 o’clock everything will change into pumpkin,’ I yelled to her.
When she came back one of her shoe wasn’t on her foot. I didn’t ask her because I didn’t want to insult her.
A Few days later, the prince came to their home with that shoe. I listened the prince secretly. He told to everyone that in his ball he all danced with a girl and when the girl left the ball she left her shoe and if he finds her he will marry with her. Than everyone put shoe on by one and at last Cinderella wore it and it fitted to her. Prince got extremely happy and they got married but noone doesn’t know that Cinderella killed the prince too for his money…

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