The Drug Sale

January 23, 2008
By baris ozer, Istanbul, ZZ

In 2013, 4 years ago in Colombia awfully terrible things happened. A Chain of events happened step by step with an immense mystery. That was a perfect and clean job by the USA. Actually, it was apparent to understand what’s going on but, in the
beginning,for USA within an ace there were no sign of transgressing any political rules.
At the end of 2012 George Bush promptly arranged a meeting with the Mexican and
English presidents. The subject of the meetings kept secret especcialy from media
The USA and England had a great relationship between themselves in almost every
single circumstance. But why had USA chosen Mexico? This question was simple. They
wanted to use their brilliant knowledge about the common rules of South America,
and to use them like a bridge for attacking Colombia. To persuade Mexico wasn’t so
hard because they weren’t rich enough so, they wanted to take advantage of Colombia
to produce a better drug trade like USA and England.
A few weeks later on a Mexican TV program the subject of the secret meetings were
told to people. The presidents talked about assaulting Colombia to utilize them
for a better drug trade between the countries. Like a colony! The people all over the
world shocked. As is known, the drug sale was illegal “in” each country except
The president of Colombia was a toady of the USA, but his son, Valderama was
completely different. He attended school abroad. He alse studied a master program
abroad.He had sick of the oppress which USA did to Iraq and he believed that
Colombia was a good nation and deserves a better reputation than the country of
legal drug sale. In other words, Valderama was a massive danger for the USA. The
Mexican president had a gentle and zealous nephew called Pavel who was completely
different from his uncle. The Mexican president was excessively belligerent The army
in Colombia wasn’t good enough because the president sent half of the soldiers to their
houses. The president was a coward but in opposition to him, Valderama was brave. He
was planning to do something but it was looking hard. He was a nationalist, robust and
muscular guy. He was also a red blooded guy and he would do everything to save his
country. His plan was to trap his father and show the USA that his father was planning
to defeat you and “sent the soldiers” was a tactic. But actually it wasn’t. It was, of
course, one of the president’s toading. And a few days later the plan had work. USA
changed their view about the president and when the president learned that he was
scared a lot. Next day, he went to a country in Europe abruptly. Colombia had no
president and they needed one quickly.Valderama tried many times to persuade the
people in Colombia that if you let me control this country by myself I can do it, I can
defeat them. But it never worked.
When he was starting to give up, suddenly Pavel came to Colombia to talk with him.
“I can’t believe that a war coming without any reason. They say Colombia is a bad place
and we can fix it. That’s ridicilous; their only goal is to use Colombia for a better drug
trade with other countries. I can’t stand this anymore,” Pavel exclaimed.
“Yes. I know, but if you help me we can manage to beat them!” Valderama suggested.

“I am with you. And I have a great idea,” Pavel answered proudly. “First, we need an
assassin to kill my fascist uncle. After that, I will go to parliament to introduce my
ideas, not to be in the war. The parliament respected me so much and I believe it will
work,” Pavel added.
“Pavel thank you so much. You are a good person. Let’s hope god will be with us my
friend,” Valderama told him.
Pavel found an assassin and a few days later the assassin killed the president of
Mexico. Abruptly Pavel made a speech in the parliament to persuade them not to go to
war. It worked! Mexico receded from the war and it was terrible news for the USA and
England. Mexico was in a very stratigical place so the USA and England lost a huge
amount of power.
Meanwhile, Valderama was getting better at persuading the people, they also started
to believe that they could win this battle. Mexico’s resign from the war increased
Colombia’s hope. When the real part of war started, it seemed the dim, dark
atmosphere was no more in Colombia because of the good news about Mexico.The
stormy air has gone and breezy bright air came to Colombia. Valderama called the half
of the soldiers back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. The USA and England’s army was
losing big amounts of casualties. They were also couldn’t stand having a bad reputation
from the world. A few weeks later these reasons forced them to recede. Everyone
realized that only power isn’t enough. To believe is worth more than everything else for
the success.

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This article has 2 comments.

Baris said...
on Sep. 2 2008 at 9:37 pm
Samaiya as you pointed out "The Drug Sale" is a science fiction which you could easily figure it out by the year and the president of USA(2013-George Bush) it was just a 'story'.

Samaiya said...
on Aug. 26 2008 at 7:53 pm
Hi Baris. Thanks for your story. It's very interesting to me to read about foreigner's opinions about my country, Colombia, and I'm glad that in the story we weren't the "bad guys". However, I would like to point out that drug sale is not legal in Colombia nor has it ever been. I guess, since your story is science fiction, things may change in the future, but I just wanted to make that clear.


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