Alle and Pearls

January 23, 2008
By dilan domanic, üsküdar Istanbul Türkiye, ZZ

Once upon a time,there was a tremendous kingdom under the
sea .The kingdom was abundant,wealthy and powerfull.There were plots

with lots of delicious fruits and foods.There were pools which were full

with bubbles.In the kingdom,there were two basic creatures.One of these

was mermaids the other one was nymphs.Mermaids were as brave as a

lion and they were very strong,honest and combative.On the other hand

nymphs were glistening.They were beatiful.Their skins were shiny like

silver.They were glamorous but they were selfish,callous and envious.The king was a

mermaid and the queen was a nymph.They were the most graceful partners in the

kingdom.They were living in a enormous,fancy and radiant palace with their beatiful daughter

Alle.She was totally glittering.

The nymphs were very jealous of Anne.They hated her.It was very hard to live in the same

kingdom whit that beatiful young girl.The nymphs couldn’t be persuaded that Alle was the

most beatiful girl in the kingdom.Alle was mind-blowing.

One day the nymphs decided to stun Alle with a kind of seaweed which called

‘dormiree’.When a mermaid smelled it the mermaid became dizzy or sleepy.They smelled it

to Alle.Alle fainted.Nymphs brang her to the land where shells were living.They found the

biggest one and put Alle in it.They locked her in it.At the same time Alle sobered up.She

understood that it was a complot of the nymphs.Alle was scared.’’Dad!Help me.Take me

outside of the shell,’’she screamed.’’Please take me outside of this shell!’’she pleaded to

nymphs but they just giggled.The nymphs left her alone in the shell.Alle cried without

stopping.She tought that no one would find her and she would die.While she was crying her

voice resounded.The waves heard her crying and convey it to the king.Waves whispered

what Alle had said and yelled.When king learned that he became very angry and

furious.’’Who could do that bad thing to Alle ?’’he thought.He dictated the waves to take out

all the shells ashore.Then the waves got bigger and all the shells came out of the sea.Then he

dictated the wind to get stronger and open all of the shells.Shells opened in a minute.He saw

Alle from far away because her skin and hair were shinny.He ran next to her .

‘’Who did this to you?’’he asked.

‘’Nymphs,’’Alle replied.

When the king heard that answer he get very furious.He decided to punish them.He broke

all of them into small pieces.The pieces were shiny and they were like little marbles.He put

each of the pieces into a shell and he locked all of them.After that,people started to call them


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