Emancipation of Baby Bird

July 29, 2008
By Aman Basra, Delta, British Columbia, ZZ

The baby bird is eager. In exuberance, she slaps her wings. It’s a time of teaching and once again, she feels unchallenged; teaching no longer needed as graduation occurred awhile ago for her. She’s ready. She knows herself and the process well enough and only anticipates the chance to prove herself. The mother bird corrects the baby bird’s older siblings who still have not learned; they stumble and fall still but baby bird is of contrary. She sits back and waits. She tries to voice herself to the mother bird. I know how! You must trust me! Let me show you; I can do it! Words not heard by the mother bird as she restrains her focus to correcting the older ones’ flaws. Baby bird steps back into the shadows. She’s falling back to a familiar position. Alone and invincible, a smile and baby bird never co-exist. There’s a yelp and then words of criticism. Baby bird sighs and is of no dismay at her siblings’ inability to learn. It never was difficult for her. Perhaps that’s merely because baby bird didn’t have to learn- it just happened to be of second nature. An epiphany hits her and tolerance remains vacant. Baby bird moves through the crowd and instantly takes off. Commanding cries attempting to cease her actions are not heard by baby bird. She already possessed the knowledge; baby bird just had to learn to implement it into action. And at last she did, leaving behind limitations of a secluded bubble. No longer was she a baby bird but an independent matured one entering a new world. Doing what she knows so well, she flies. The once baby bird flies away to unknown skies of freedom.

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