My names Amanda

July 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Some pieces of life are never put back where they belong. I always tell myself they'll find there way back but they never seem to. Its so hard when your trying to find yourself to keep everything in order aswell, but I pretend I can. "Being a teenager is never easy." my mom always says,"but you get through it." I can't wait to get through it. The always lost feeling, the one you cant seem to fill no matter how many parties you go to, no matter how much fun you have. The realization that your life, so miniscule has really no meaning right now in the world. Will it ever? And these are the days when us as young adults are supposed to find outselfs, supposed to find our calling and be the people we are supposed to be. But who are we supposed to be? How are we supposed to know what we are supposed to do to be that person. the sad thing is the only thing i really know about myself is that my name is Amanda, and in a school where there are so many people, I've never been more alone.

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