The Fear of The Haunted House

November 29, 2012
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It was pitch black and I couldn't see my hands in front of my face. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the dark I immediately wished I couldn't see again. The room was old and dusty, kind of like an old house. In the room was a closet, a king sized bed, a white dresser, and on old rusty, broken mirror. The objective of this game was to get out of the house.

I had chosen to go by myself which, I now thought was a terrible idea. As I slowly crept towards the closet I heard a far off scream. My feet moved before I could think, I reached for the diamond door knob and stopped. The door knob was slowly turning. With each quiet foot step the knob seemed to move quicker, as if it knew I was moving away. When finally the door opened revealing a man. He had electric pink hair and the same colored eyes. He smiled a soft pleasant smile at me and I slowly relaxed. But before I could ask who he was he reached for his pocket and pulled out a bloody knife. I immediately screamed and ran to the hallway door.

When I turned the old door knob, I ran out into the long corridor. My heart was racing when I saw what was down the white walls. A wolf-man with bloody teeth and muzzle was growling at me. He stood up on his back legs like a man, bu;t had paws for hands and feet. I stood paralyzed with fear. I remembered what the sign had said that tempted me to come here, “Take the Four Tests of Courage! Test Your Courage.” the wolf-man looked at me for what seemed hours but was probably only a few minutes. He finally shuffled off towards another wing, and I was alone.

I was thinking to myself that I would find an exit and leave, but I didn't know where any exits where! I headed towards the dark wooden elevator. I pressed the cold down arrow. When the large doors creaked open I darted in. The elevator groaned as it made it's decent downwards. After a few moments the elevator gave a quick jerk and stopped altogether. I whimpered in fear as I pressed the first floor button. There was a loud thud above me and the horrible smell of burning flesh. When the elevator doors opened there stood a man, but it was no ordinary man. This man had red eyes, and ax through his head, and his chest was bloody.

I can't recall anything after that. I guess I had fainted into the perfect darkness around me because when I awoke I was in the lobby of the haunted house. My mom was holing me and my dad was talking to the zombie man. I've never been to another haunted house since. Fear is what keeps me away. I never wish to encounter fear like that ever again!

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