True Love Will Never Die

July 24, 2008
Her husband had died three years ago.
Killed by a drunk driver.
Ever since then she had lost her faith in humanity.
She became closed off from the rest of her family.
She felt guilty being happy without him.
They used to go to the nearby beach, lie on the sand, and watch the sunset and rise.
She hadn’t even been able to walk by the beach since the accident.
Everyday she would pray that he could somehow come back to her.
Then one night right before she went to sleep she saw something in the corner of eye.
She knew it was a sign to go to the beach.
She went to sleep, but before she did she set her alarm clock for two hours before the sun rises.
When she woke up she took a shower, got dressed (in one of her husbands shirts), and started to walk to the beach.
When she got there it was still dark so she just laid there.
As she was lying there she saw a ghostly image far away in the ocean.
As the sun began to rise, the image became less of a ghost and more real. When the image finally reached the beach she realized what it was.
It was her husband.
She smiled and ran into his arms.
There love had been so strong that nothing could keep them apart.
Not even death.

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