July 27, 2008
By Olivia Ezinga, Alto, MI

Burning stares casted down upon me strike like a hundred angry cobras. I’m lost in a sea of bitterness as I cower behind my insecurities and make way for myself down an endless path; I do not know if there is light at the line of finish, but I am certain I’ll take a map next time—surely there must be a next time. As if my thoughts are verbal, I feel them resound on the cliffs looming above me. Everything I think and everything I feel pounds back upon my head with a force so great I want to crumple down and cry. I can’t though. There is no escape, and I know that within this cruel realm of capricious minds and deceitful hearts I am no match, but I guess I never really wanted to be one. So I close my eyes and will the dream away, and as I wake up from my fitful slumber, I warily hope that my freshman year of high school isn’t my dream’s reality.

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