July 27, 2008
It was a dark stormy night when the candle went out. Chills go up your spine as the distinct sound of foot steps echo in the house. You silently walk up the stairs toward the mysterious noise. All of the sudden the temperature drops dramatically. The hairs on the back of your neck rise. You know you’re not alone. Something moves at the end of the narrow hallway. You want to flee, but your legs don’t obey. Sphere shaped eyes appear and a mystical cat walks up to you. Still nervous you go back down the creaking stairs. Outside the storm seems to be getting stronger. Laying out your sleeping bag you prepare for bed. Out of the corner of your eye you see a shadowed figure. Startled you turn around to find nothing there. You finally realize you are in a haunted mansion, but not just any haunted mansion, the most haunted mansion. You know many stories about this place. What you don’t know is every one of these stories are true. It grows later in the night and soon it will be mid-night. You lay down ready for sleep when you here a cold voice. An evil voice of a man telling you to leave or die. Struggling to keep calm you yell into the darkness who are you. Minutes go by, but not another sound is heard. At this time an old grandfather clock announces it is mid-night. You decide to further explore the old house. The voice calls out for the last time “I warned you.” That is when you receive its full wrath. It pushes you down and sucks the warmth out of the air and your body. You manage to free yourself and run. You get lost in your panic and end up in a library. A shadow moves and a book flies from a shelf barely missing your head. You know you need to get out. Suddenly you feel a hand around your neck. You fall to your knees. Struggling to breathe you know your not going to make it, but surprisingly you get away. Gasping for breath you continue to run. You reach the stairs, but as soon as do you realize your mistake. You feel the hand once again as you fall down the many stairs. At the bottom you here a malicious laugh coming from everywhere and you know it thinks it has you. You pick yourself up and limp to the door followed by a scream. You think you are safe outside, but you were wrong. The hand closes around your neck. You pull it off and run. This is the point where you know it follow you no matter where you go and you know why. When you anger an entity it will haunt forever. Falling to your knees you ask in a pleaded voice to leave me alone and as if a miracle it calls out yes. You watch the sun come up and finally leave never looking back.

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AuthorOfNightmare said...
Dec. 2, 2008 at 9:07 pm
this is one of my first stories, so it's not the best. I hope you enjoy reading it.
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