You're the one I've been waiting for

July 23, 2008
By Kidiocus Carroll BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kidiocus Carroll BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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When I first saw you my heart skipped a beat, my hands became sweaty, and I started to feel dizzy. I gripped the edge of my desk as you handed a late pass to Mrs. Lenser and then proceeded to sit down in the seat right in front of me. I almost died. I spent most of geometry staring at the back of your neck, desperately wanting to touch the soft black hairs that curled their. You smelled of expensive perfume, scented deodorant, and peppermint. You looked like the type of girl who would never give me the time of day.

I sat behind you for two straight weeks just staring at the back of your neck and drinking in your scent while Mrs. Lenser droned on and on about polygons and and stuff, stuff that you wrote down as soon as the facts had left Mrs. Lensers pale lips. I never bothered to listen to Mrs. Lenser, my thoughts were filled with thoughts of you. I imagined rubbing the back of your neck with my thumb and then running it down your spine. I imagined kissing your soft perfectly formed mouth and looking into your large brown eyes as I did so

You finally caught me staring on a Friday afternoon right as the bell to switch classes rung. You gave me a a nasty look and said one word that wounded me and left me wanting to do unimaginable things. “Freak”, you called me a freak and then you gathered your books and quickly left the room while I sat rooted to my seat. On Monday you asked to borrow my notes, you acted as if you had never called me that horrible word and I forgave you instantly.

That night I went home and spent an hour copying your name over and over in my spiral notebook in large letters; Camille Forbes. Then I threw the notebook in the trashcan by my nightstand so that no one in my family would know of my obsession. My efforts were fruitless, my younger brother Evan fished it out and announced my love for you to our entire family over one of mama's horribly disgusting pot roasts. I nearly took my shoe off and threw it across the table at that little brat. My dad pretended to ignore Evan while mama gently rubbed the top of my hand with her own and whispered that one day I would find someone who liked me back. She just assumed that you didn't like me. She just assumed that my crush was one sided (which it is). I took my hand out from under hers and continued to eat my dry pot roast while giving Evan the most evil looks that I had in me.

The next day in geometry you switched seats with Trina Coffman, the ugliest girl in the eleventh grade. I was shocked. Trina Coffman kept turning around in her seat to stare at me and every time she would give me this creepy smile (showing off her nasty looking teeth).

I contemplated suicide that night .

As I sit here writing this letter you are whispering to Mariah Lynsey while giving Jamal Jackson pretty little smiles. I am hoping that when I give you this letter you will read it and take it to heart. I am hoping that once you read this letter you will know that you're the one I've been waiting for.

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