Words at Birth

December 7, 2012
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As my mom was expected me in two days, I decided that I would be a little surprise and come two days early. November 6, the Wheel of Fortune was on and my mom was going into labor. And finally, the moment had came from when I got my first view of the world, and my first words.

“Mom, you really need to start saving money for me for college. I’m going to have big dreams you know, and we need to start right off for me to be able to achieve those dreams,”

My mom looked at me, dumbfounded, while my father just stared at me with an awkward grin. I would later learn that he is fascinated by whatever was coming out of my mouth when he is grinning like that. ?
“Dad, can you really not be so stubborn with the spelling of my name? No one is going to get it right down the road anyway whether it is -s-a-y or -s-e-y. If you would allow me to choose, L-Y-N-Z-E would be appropriate. I mean, you’re all about I don’t say “Lind-say” but really, you don’t hear a “D” in my name either. Let’s just make it even easier and sound it out together. LYNZEEE. L-Y-N-Z-E. Makes perfect sense.”

My mom brought her hands to her mouth, leaning me against the thighs of her legs. My dad instantly reached out for me, keeping that same grin on his face the whole time. I sat in his arms, looking back up at him. ?
“How are you going to spell it, Dave?” my mom asked him, still looking pretty shocked.

“Lindsy, L-I-N-D-S-Y,” he replied.

“What!?” I yelled, “Did you not just listen to me?”

“I did listen to you, but I like the way I chose,” He replied, still with that awkward grin. “And I’m sure disagreeing with each other will be a trend that continues between us.”?
And it did, actually. My dad and I always seem to be on opposite sides of a certain opinion. And my mom is now realizing the dreams I wish to achieve, doing whatever she can to help me get there. Besides helping me pay for it.

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