It Must Stop.

July 23, 2008
Through her laughs and her tears I was glad you were there. Helping her get through it was hard. Still is. E-mailing, chatting, talking on the phone. It helps her every time. But please stop with the intervening. Stay out of what is not yours to be in.

That was his decisions. It hurt her, but it would have been for the better.

You stopped the better.

You say there was going to be catastrophe, but there wasn’t.
It was all in your head. It would have been better if it stayed there the first time, but for now on, it must stop there. Think what you may about what you want, I won’t stop you. But I WILL tries as hard as I can to not let you do any more harm.

She is hurt enough as it is. No need to make it worse. No need to make more people angry. No need to get more people involved.

I’ve dealt with you before for her sake, but now, I wont. It’s her responsibility to see what you are doing. Not only to her, but also to me. To the rest for her friends. To everyone else you were introduced to.

The problems you have caused, are beyond fixing. The troubles that are still stirring up are because of you.
All of this MUST STOP. NOW.

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