The Escape

July 20, 2008
By Alexandra Friðsteinsdóttir, Reykjavik, ZZ

Abigail and Gabriela sit next to me. I can feel their bodies shaking against mine in fear. It’s going to be alright I tell them, as I listen to the words coming out of my mouth I’m not sure if I myself believe them. I feel tired, hungry, confused, and frustrated but I have to be brave for my little sisters. You two don’t look well now go to sleep, then I turn over and try to sleep but I can’t stop thinking about how we ended up in this Auschwitz Camp and what the Nazis were going to do to us. I suddenly felt ashamed. Mamma wouldn’t want me to think about these things she would want me to be strong for Abigail and Gabriella. I really missed her and papa, they got sent to a different camp then us. I hope that we would meet again someday. I tried to picture their faces but I couldn’t and then realized they were slowly fading away from my memory.
That’s when I knew we had to escape. The next morning was just the same as every other morning except for the fact that we were going to try and escape. I told Abigail and Gabriela to go about as everything was the same and at the end of the day when all three of us were doing are last chore together we would make a run for it. At 5:00 pm these two men always took a wheel-barrel of hay out into the city. We would hide under the hay, all we could do was hope and pray that they wouldn’t find or see us. Abigail and Gabriela were complaining about how itchy and uncomfortable the hay was. Shhh girls! Just think after this is over we will be free and then we can try and find mamma and papa. I think their coming be quiet now. My heart started beating faster and faster as I heard the men come closer. They were grunting as they picked up the heavy hay barrel. The whole way into the city they kept saying how heavy the barrel was but they never suspected a thing. Uh oh! I could hear my two sisters snoring very loudly. As I held their noses I was thinking about what we were going to do when the barrel actually stopped. I didn’t even know where in the city we were or how we would get out of the barrel without anyone noticing us.
Fortunately when we arrived to the city it was dark, so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand when I put it right in front of my face. The men quickened their pace because it was almost past curfew. All I know is that one minute we were in the hay barrel and the next we were in a barn and they were dumping us into a huge pile of hay. Well I guess my problem of worrying how to get out of the hay barrel without anybody noticing was over. Now I just have to figure out how to find mamma and papa and how I am going to try and feed Abigail and Gabriella. It was a challenge to keep them both from moaning until the men left.
I could feel myself closing my eyes in the soft hay. I was dreaming and finally it was a good one. I opened my eyes then I got scared! A large man was leaning over me. He had white hair, the bluest eyes that I had ever seen and teeth so white and straight. As he talked to me all of my fear started to disappear. His soft kind words told me his name it was Joseph. He also told me that he was going to help us get to a family that lived in the countryside. This family was going to hide us along with many other Jews until the war was over. I felt so relieved that I looked at the man, said thank you and then I started to laugh. I awoke my sisters and told them what this gracious man was going to do for us. I had never seen my sisters cry more than that moment but I knew that they were tears of pure happiness and joy. Before we left Joseph took us to his house. He let us sleep until it was dark and then gave us food. The ride to the countryside was long and uncomfortable; we hid under hay the whole way there like we did before.
When we arrived my sisters and I were tired and wanted so badly to get a good night’s rest. We walked into the house and the family who was going to take care of us introduced us to all of the other people that they were hiding. I thought I was dreaming when she was about to introduce a man and a women that looked like mamma and papa. It was mamma and papa! They ran to us I could hear them sobbing because they were so happy that we were alright. As me and my sisters ran towards them, mamma was calling out our names Abigail, Gabriella, Isabella. I can’t believe we found you. We love you guys they both said. Then all 5 of us looked at each other and some of us cried and some laughed. I knew that this time we were going to stay together FOREVER!!!

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