Whisper tp a Scream

July 23, 2008
By Corey Williams, South Boston, VA

“Hey, Jason.” Jack slapped Jason’s hand.

“’Sup?” Jason responded.

“The guys are heading over to the arcade after school, wanna come?” Jack offered.

“Yeah, just text me before you leave.” said Jason.

Jason Collins was one of those guys who had “the perfect life”. He was smart, athletic, and had good looks. But his life would soon spiral down worst than a funnel-cloud.

A lot of kids from Auburn-Creek High School were at the arcade. Jason began playing “Alien Scum”. It wasn’t long before he surpassed the highscore. People were swarming around him like flies around honey chanting “Go Jason!” He was going to sleep with a smile on his face that night.

Friday night came. Jason and his girl-friend, Samantha were going to the mall. Jason had taken a nap so he would be well-rested. After hitting the snooze-button on his alarm-clock a couple times, he raced through his shower. He picked out a polo shirt and jeans. After putting on his boots, he sped down the spiraling banister and into the kitchen. After greeting his mother and giving her a kiss on the cheek, he popped a toaster pastry in the toaster.
“Sweetie, I have great news!” Jason’s mother said, excitedly. “You know, Robert. The man I’ve been dating for a couple years? We’re…,” She began to cry. “…getting married!”
Jason dropped his pastry with a wide mouth. His mother looked worried.
“WHAT?!” he exclaimed. He didn’t really like Robert.
“Yes, honey; next Saturday, all of us are going to the court-house.” Ms. Collins said eagerly. His mother was kind of lonely after Mr. Collins walked out.

Saturday arrived. A few hours after the ceremony, Robert came in his used Chevrolet. Jason opened the door enthusiastically as Robert came in with boxes.
“Hi, new stepdad!” Jason smiled and held out his hand for a handshake.
Robert dropped the boxes inches from Jason’s foot.
“Look, boy,” Robert said brutally, “there are two things we’re gonna get straight.” His face was touching Jason’s. “Stay away from me and my stuff. Capice?
“Okay.” Jason looked disappointed and scared.
Jason’s mother, the new Mrs. Thompson, came in the living room.
“What’s going on here?” She asked, unwrapping a plate.
“Young man here dropped a box; so I decided to help him.” Robert lied.
Jason started to say something, but Robert clenched his shoulder. Mrs. Thompson went into the kitchen.
“My name is Jason,” Jason said as he threw Robert’s hand off him. Robert gave him a hard smack across the face. A red mark came on Jason’s face.
“I told you, boy, I ain’t gonna take no disrespect.” Robert barked.
Jason rolled his eyes and headed up the stairs. Robert gave Jason a powerful push. Jason winced in pain.

Monday morning Jason woke up with an excruciating headache. His mom and Robert had been up all night laughing. Jason showered and threw on a button-up shirt, bluejeans, and boots. After gathering up his books, Jason set off downstairs and grabbed a muffin. Robert was at the table, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.
“Morning,” Jason mumbled. No response from Robert.
“Bye, mom.” Jason called.
“Buh-bye,” Mrs. Thompson yelled from her room.
From the corner of his eye, Jason could see Robert rolling his eyes.

“…And he’s SO mean!” Jason explained to Jack.
“Maybe he was having a bad day.” Jack suggested.
“Well, I hope that’s the only bad day he’ll have.” Jason seemed scared, “We better head to class.”
After biology and world-history, Jason went to the cafeteria; today for lunch the cafeteria had turkey and ham subs, lettuce and tomato, tater-tots, and chocolate-cake. It was better compared to the usual Monday dishes. Jason walked to the condiment table and squirted sweet-onion vinaigrette on his sandwich. Then he went to a table with Samantha.
“Hey, baby.” Jason gave Samantha a kiss.
Even if Robert didn’t love him, at least Samantha did.

At the end of the day, Jason drove home. Robert was in the living room. He didn’t work.
“Good evening,” Jason muttered. No reply from Robert. Jason went to the refrigerator to fix a snack; Robert jumped up as if he was on fire.
“What are you doing?” Robert yelled.
“Getting a snack.” Jason answered, terrified.
Robert snatched the chips from Jason’s hand.
“I told you not to touch my stuff.” Robert snarled.
“These are MY chips. I bought with MY money.” Jason said.
Robert pushed Jason into the stairs. He lifted his foot to stomp Jason.
SMASH! He got Jason’s finger.
Jason scrambled back up the stairs like a bug. He managed to jumble to his room. He locked his door and grabbed his throbbing hand as tears flowed down his face.
The next morning, Jason went to school, mad. He was mad at his mom for not believing him when he said Robert abuses him. He was mad at Robert for abusing him. And he was mad at his friends for not calling and checking on him. He didn’t even care how he looked. His hair was a bird’s nest and his clothes were wrinkled.
When he arrived at school, he felt people staring at him, laughing as he ran to his locker.
This continued through the week. Jason became indifferent and emotionless to the laughter, but was also nervous, agitated, and edgy, jumping at the smallest thing.
Thursday morning, Jason packed all his stuff in a knapsack, including an electric-razor, a lighter, and hydrogen-peroxide, as well as his usual books.
After the hallways were clear at Auburn-Creek High, Jason grabbed the razor and peroxide and ran to the bathroom. He checked all the stalls to make sure all of them were clear. He looked in the mirror. There was a sad-looking Jason. As tears fell down his face, Jason took the blade and cut his light-brown locks. After he managed to cut his hair to a crewcut, he used the peroxide and gave himself blonde streaks. He gathered up all the hair and cleaned the sink. He went to the basement into the boiler-room. He gathered all the hair in a pile. He found an old jar and put the hair in it; he lit up the lighter and burned the hair. He watched the fire bubble up. It made him feel good inside. Like an inner scream. Suddenly, the glass exploded. Jason got some water and put the fire out. After listening to some country music on his CD player, Jason decided to stay in the boiler-room the rest of the day; he knew some places to hide if the custodians came.

“Where were you?” Jack asked Jason, packing up his stuff.
“Meet me at Burger Shack, I’ll explain everything.” Jason murmured.

It was about 11:30 PM when Jason got back from Burger Shack. It made him feel really warm and comfortable to be around his friends. But as he was walking home, from the corner of his eye, he saw a truck coming. The truck was only a couple yards from hitting him. He looked in his truck. It was Robert and one of his drunken friends giving him an obscene gesture, the finger.

Friday morning, Jack, Max, and a couple of other guys were coming from gym. Heading to the showers, they heard a shower running and sniffling. Gym had just let out, so everyone should’ve been in the gym. They checked the stalls. In the stall with running water was Jason. He was on the floor, crying. The other boys looked at him. His arms were covered with bleeding cuts and lacerations. Engraved in his arm in big letters was the phrase I HATE MY LIFE. Jason’s friends stared at the grotesque scene. Jack went after a teacher as Max tried to comfort Jason.
The ambulance came to the school. They loaded Jason on the ambulance. Mrs. Thompson came a little after the ambulance. Makeup ran down her face from crying. The nurse and guidance-counselor asked Robert did he know about anything about Jason’s self-destructive habits. He grinned an evil smile and replied, “I didn’t even know him.”

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