July 28, 2008
I held what was left of it in my hands. The preciuos thing that once was and is no more. I like many others foolishly tried to stop what couldn't be. I being a mere mortal tried to stop a force seen by no one but known and felt by all. I tried to rewind it,capture it, and even pause it. I of course failed like all the others. Now holding my empty hour glass I await death. I await the almighty judgement one must face at the ending of their time. I like all the others,am looking at the grains of sand that are in the bottom of the hour glass. As I look into the glass I see all the moments of my life in each individual grain. I see the good I've done, as well as the bad. I see the time waisted doing nothing,the time I wish I had back. As I'm almost completely lost in the hour glass, a hand grabs me by the shoulder and shows me to the tunnel and the light at the end of it. I know not of what waits for me there but I know I must go. But, before I do I leave you a word of warning. Be wise with the time you have, for you never know how long you have until you're out.

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