December 2, 2007
By tarah kading, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

All she was told is to be at the Del Morro Hotel at 6:30pm and to wear proper attire. Marissa knew that the Del Morro hotel was one of the finest hotels in New York and only the VIPs of this year were able to book and have dinners there. She had no idea what the occasion was but as a reporter she planned to look her best and bring gifts to the important person who was acknowledged enough to have a party in the Del Morro.

The first thing on her to do list was to find the perfect outfit. It could not too fancy because as a reporter she had to blend in and of course interview the people. But she wanted someone that was sophisticated enough that people would still know she was a reporter but with some style.

The first step was the mall. Hundreds of shops to chose from and pick out the perfect outfit, but this is harder then it seems. She went store to store, she would try clothes that were too small, too baggy, too short, wrong color, and too expensive. The process was exhausting.

“I am never going to find an outfit in time,” she said to herself when a young lady from the store walked by.

“May I help you miss?” asked the young lady.

“Maybe, I am looking for a perfect outfit for a party in the Del Morro and a very special person is going to be there and I need the perfect dress to be able to report in” She tearfully cried out.

“This must be a really significant person to be having a party at the Del Morro, and don’t worry I’ll find something for you, just wait here” the lady quickly walked off into the jungle of clothes.

This person better appreciate what everyone is doing for him/her, Marissa thought in her mind while waiting for the lady. I think I would only spend this much time looking for an outfit if it was my own party.

After quiet some time the young lady came back with a beautiful dark blue dress for her to try on.

“Here you are miss, I hope this works for you,” said the young lady.

“Thank you, it is a wonderful dress,” replied Marissa walking into the changing room.

It was perfect. The color looked great on her skin, the right size, not too tight, but fitted perfectly. And the price was great, so she bought it.

Next on her to do list is to get a gift for this mischievous person who she did not know. This was particularly hard because she did not know if this person was a man or a woman, what their likes and dislikes were or what their hobbies were. So she decided to get the person what she would want, which made shopping a little more enjoyable. So she thought if she was a VIP and was having a party for herself she would get herself a plague and hang it in her office to show off her achievement. She went to the plaque maker and asked if he could make her one for the VIP. She wanted one for herself but did not have the money for two, she thought that one day she would be a VIP and get a cool plaque.

After she got the gift it was only one hour till she had to be at Del Morro. So she quickly raced home and got ready for the big night. As she got ready she wondered what the VIP did in order to receive such a gift as to have a party thrown at Del Morro. What did the person do as a job, was he/she a hero? Or maybe a famous artist? All these thoughts were flying through her head as she stepped into a cab to go to the grand hotel.

The place was packed, hundreds of cabs and limos lined the street to the Del Morro. It took awhile for her cab to reach the entrance but finally she was there. She got out and walked up the golden stairs into the hotel lobby. She noticed a couple of people looking at her oddly and smiling at her. She wondered if she was dressed to nicely for a reporter. Just as she was about to rethink her outfit she got called over to by a young man in a black suit.

“Yes,” she replied to the man in the suit.

“Please come with me miss,” he asked as he guided her over to two big wooden doors that led to the main hall. They were opened by two men waiting of her. This seemed strange she thought to herself as she walked into the hall filled with hundreds of people. As she did they all turned around and started clapping. Applause filled the room as the young man in the suit guided Marissa to the front of the room. She had no idea what this was until she saw a huge banner on the wall saying, “Thank you Marissa for 10 years of great reporting!”

Tears filled her eyes as she realized the VIP was herself. All these people came for her to recognize all her hard work and achievement for reporting stories. She was in shock as she sat her gift down on the table for the VIP whom she wished someday would be her.

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