Death in a Pit

November 30, 2007
By Kyle Pullman, San Diego, CA

The wind howled the heavy clouds mumbled and groaned as they slowly carried their load. The sun had not shone for days, but the Captain didn’t subside from his mission ahead. He was a tall man of vanity with thick black hair and a long repulsive beard. Some of the shipmates thought there were small birds living in there. The Captain by the name of Kidd had held his own as a shipmate for so many years. He was made Captain, well he made himself captain by shooting his old captain in the throat and watching him die and then feeding him to the circling sharks below the ship. His first orders given were to go back to where the Great War of the pirates was fought some hundred years ago. He was in search of treasure that every man, woman and child salivated over after hearing of its immense worth. But on his way to the sacred grounds he was to pass through uncharted territories and dangerous waters. The tales of old men kept other young captains away from the endless horizon, but not Kidd; he was fearless; his life’s desire was for that treasure. “Eh Captain shall I savvy some supper?” Jack the cook asked. “Arhh, me boy, that would be lovely make it a hasty one, eh Jacky boy!” The rest of the crew were below deck anticipating the ring of the bell and their dinners to be ready. The Captain and his crew had been sailing for about one hundred and fifty days and he knew that they were nearing the shores.

Ding Ding! Ding Ding! The bell shouted. Dinner was ready. The pot of stew was empty in less than ten minutes it, was the first meal they had had in days. They were running short on supplies and had to spread it out until they got to the shores of uncertainty. As the morning rose from its dark cold slumber, the first sign of hope came, the sun. The captain was feeling a little uneasy. He felt the air shift. Smoke billowed on the distant horizon. As the ship lurked toward the black cloud the crew sought to know of its source. They could now see it was a ship. But who? The captain had not known of any other daring ships who sought his treasure also. But as quickly as the smoke was there, it was gone and the ship with it. “Eh! Captain it’s gone!” “Really William? throw him overboard for insulting me!” “But Captain what did I offend?” “Eh? Nothing I’m just lonesome of this search.” So the crew listened to the Captain’s orders and threw him overboard. They laughed and laughed, and in their chuckles they felt it. At that moment there was a pulse in the water. The crew grew uneasy and they started to tremble, but they stood their ground. In the distance there was a faint ripple coming at them. It grew with speed and intensity and as it reached the ship. The Captain and his crew gripped her with fierce hands preparing for the worst. The ripple came to the bow of the ship, and then disappeared. Then, behind them, a large animal of some sort flew out of the water. “Who are you strangers!” yelled the large beast. “We are humble travelers seeking out a great fortune.” The creature stared at them as it flapped its giant wings. The Captain looked passed it and saw the distant shore. His heart sang with joy. The creature saw his change. “Haha!” he laughed with great intensity. “You seek the treasure of the Great War.” “Indeed” countered the captain.
The great giant promised them safe passage, but they had to promise him to never tell a soul that they had seen him. So they captain agreed to never tell a soul of his existence. As they passed they made it to shore in a matter of hours. When they reached it they immediately drew straws among themselves to see who would go gather more supplies. Once that was over and done with, the search began. The captain had sent out a party of scouts to search the nearby land. They went out midday and were sure to come back with the falling of the sun, but they never returned. The Captain waited and waited for days and days for his crew to return but they never came back. This disturbed the captain for days upon end. In his weariness he sent out a rescue party. They never returned. The following morning he had to know for himself what happened to his crew. He went with three other souls and started into the wild. As they embarked through tree and brush they heard a faint beat of drum, and concealed in the beat faint screams. They started to run towards the beat of screams. They ran until their lungs gave out. As soon as they were going to start again they fell into a bottomless pit and fell to an eternal death.

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