Coyote and the Fire

November 22, 2007
One day Coyote was trotting along when he heard singing. Curious as usual he went to investigate. He stole through the woods and came to a clearing where beautiful fire spirits were singing and welcoming a fire maiden to their circle. When Coyote saw them he wanted one for his wife, but Fire maidens and sprits rarely married and when they did it was to water males, not coyotes. So he decided to capture one. He leaped out and tried to grab the nearest fire spirit. She, enraged, jumped out of the way and cried, “ahana reck u!” Suddenly his tail caught fire and coyote ran howling to a creed and put his tail out. Angrily, he sat down on the creek bank. The fire spirits and maidens were the most enchanting women he had ever seen, but they were amazingly powerful and would not marry him. Frustrated he looked into the water… realization hit him. The Water! Water disrupts fire. He jumped to his feet and rushed back to the clearing. Seeing that the fire maidens were still there. He began to quietly do a rain dance. Dark foreboding thunderheads began to gather. Some of the spirits were looking at the sky uncertainly, but the spirit he had tried to grab just laughed. Then, it started to rain. Coyote, thinking he had won, leaped in to the clearing and tried to grab the maiden who had set his tail alight. Her eyes widened in anger, and she pointed at him calling out powerful words to the heaven. A fork of lighting struck coyote, and, yelping he fled the clearing while being showered in lighting. To this day Coyote fears lighting will find him, that is why he fears the storm and that is how lighting was created.

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