The Room

November 19, 2007
«Where am I?» John said
«I can't see anything». «Its pitch Black.»
John got up and bumped his head on a pipe. He fell down but got back up. He tried to find a light switch. He stumbled upon a lot of things but finally got to he light switch. John flicked the light on. He found out that he was in some sort of an office with all kinds of trash on the floor. He tried to open the door but something was jammed inside of it. He saw nothing in this office that could help him get out of here. He started yelling help. No one. He found a piece of paper in the corner of the room. It said, «There are 10 pieces of papers in this room that are all hidden. Each paper has one clue on it. If you want to get out of this room, you have to follow all the clues. Clue 1: If you are trying to get out of the door, you need something powerful. PS: There is a bomb ticking and you have 5 hours to get to my office so I can unlock your bomb.»
John didn't know what to do besides look for all the papers. He started searching for all the papers. Paper #2 found. The paper read «The thing you need to bust down the door is under this room.Hurry up.» There were 4 hours and 45 minutes left. John did not know how he was going to do. He tried to call his family with his cell phone but he did not get any service. He took off his shirt because he felt something under his skin. He lifted his shirt and he found another note attached to a bomb. He thought that this was the bomb. It was. It said 4 hours and 30 minutes. John read the note. Clue 3: «Dont try to take it off because if you do, you will die» John was worried now. He saw a window on the other side of the room but he couldnt get over there because it was blocked.
John saw a white telephone next to him. He picked it up, and it dialed a number automatically.
Someone picked up.
«Is this John?»
John was breathing really hard.
«Yes this is John. Who are you?»
«That is not important.» «What is important is telling you how to get out of here. First, you need to find something that can get you to the other side of the room, because that is where you find the rest of the clues.»
John got worried that he was not going to get out of here before 3 hours.
«What exactly am I looking for though?»
«That, you need to find by yourself.»
John heard the dial tone. He hustled to find what he needed to find and it was a sledgehammer. John took it and busted through all of the stuff. He found notes, jackhammers.
John just remembered that he needs the jackhammer to hammer into the ground to get the rest of the clues. John picked up the hammer and turned it on. It wouldnt turn on. He found out that he needed to find batterys so he was back on the hunt. The white phone rang. The guy who kidnapped John said «If you want to find the battery's, you are going to have to do a lot of searching, and remember, you only have 2 hours and 30 minutes. John searched and searched for the battery's but he found something else. He found a picture of his wife and another guy holding hands and kissing. John picked up the white phone and said «Is this you in the picture with my wife?»
No response what so ever.
«Is it or not?»
«Do you want the truth or not?»
«The complete truth»
«It is me and your wife in college. My name is Kyle Brofskowni. I was you wife's old girlfriend. When she broke up with me, I was so sad. I swore to myself that I was going to get revenge, so now I am capturing her husband and kill him. But I am giving you a chance to escape.»
John was shocked. He did not know what to say.
«So how am I supposed to get out of here. There are no batteries what so ever.»
«You might want to look at the picture next to the jackhammer. It is an x-ray of the inside of your eye. Those two little things, are the batteries for the jackhammer. There is also a knife next to the picture for popping one eye out of your head and taking the batteries out of your head. You can either have one eye until you get out of here, or die from a bomb. You might want to hurry, because according to my watch, you only have 2 hours. There are still alot to do so you have to hustle. Good luck.»
Dial tone.
John thought for about 15 minutes weather he wanted one eye, or to live. He decided on one eye. John took the knife, and started carving his eye out of its socket. Blood started dripping down. All of a sudden, he heard a pop. John screamed. He realized that he did not have time to scream. John took the batteries out and put them in the jackhammer. The jackhammer started to rumble. He put the edge on the floor and it started ripping it up. He got to the bottom but he heard a clang. It was somthing steal or metal. The phone rang.
«You reached the metal huh.»
«How do I get past the metal?»
«I have already told you too much, You are going to have to figure this one out by yourself.»
Dial tone.
John saw that there was a key latch. He had to find a key.
10 Minutes later, he found a key ring with about 9 keys on it. He tried them all. Only one worked. He opened the big metal sheet. He had to go through one more obstacle. The tunnel of doom.
John only had 30 minutes to get through the tunnel and doom and get to the office.
John dot through the tunnel. Only 10 minutes left on the bomb. He did not know where to go now. His cell phone rang.
«All you have to do, is go straight and you will find my office.»
«But I only have 10 minutes.»
«You better run»
Dial tone.
John started running straight. 9 minutes later, John was tired he just stopped.
30 seconds left. He could see the office. He ran. He walked in and the bomb ticked off. He saw a black mysterious figure. John said,
«I made it!»
«Good, good job» said Kyle, «But you are still not safe»
The bomb ticked back on. It had 5 seconds
«WAIT WAIT WAIT, I will do anything»
The bomb ticked off.
«Get a divorce with your wife»
John dropped the bomb and ran out.
He jumped and the office exploded in the distance behind him.
1 week later, John got his eye back in surgery. It is a fake eye, but at least he can see out of it.

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