The Bright One

December 3, 2012
By Alexx830 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Alexx830 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Calm you're tits
That's what she said.

I look is his eyes and think briefly to myself how is this? An angel with a demon? I look at his lips and find myself upon him wondering what his next move is all of a sudden... (Alarm goes off) Ugh "MOM!" "Yes dear?" she said calmly downstairs "I need help." I said kind of tired still "With what?" "This dress for the wedding."
I said to her looking down at her "Nicole that isn't until next weekend" She said confused. "I know, but I need it designed so I'll be at least kind of different." I said with a fake smile. "Darling, I'm pretty sure you'll be the only one there with purple hair." "I know but I need my dress to fit my personality, it’s not my fault Jamie told us at the last minute.”Nicole Marie Johnston she told us last month, that isn't late." (I roll my eyes at her stupidity) "But mom!" I said angrily. "Nicole, enough. Get ready for school." "Suzanne B Johnston get your ass in here right now." My mom calls to my sister as my mom and I are looking at the wall (sister walks in) "what the hell do you want at 5:00 am?” “What did you do to my house?” my mom says getting furious “nothing?” she says suddenly looking at me. “Why are you looking at me Suzie? I didn’t do anything at all” (mom suddenly looks at me noticing my voice cracking) “Nicole Marie what did you do?” my mom says furious. “Well I am a young wizard I’m just learning my spells. Anyways I have to get to school. Bye, love you” “Bye Nicole” my sister says “we’ll talk more about this later young lady” my mom says scolding me (I leave for school and call up Jacob) “hey Jake are you awake?” (Jake rubs his eyes) “No” He says still tired “oh okay well you’ll never believe what my mom and sister accused me of!” I said “lemme guess you set something on fire or casted something from the 3rd dimension and it’s gonna kill us later?” “Actually I didn’t do that this time surprisingly I only made my whole house blue “I said mocking him. “Nicole, when are you gonna learn not t use your powers Willie nilly?” he said nervously “said the guy that once turned himself into a horse, a banana, a stripper, a house…” (He cut me off) “Nicole I think we get it” my friend Alex said “well it isn’t my fault he isn’t very bright.” I said jokingly

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I just thought of it

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