Princess, You Father Asks For Your Attendance at Dinner Tonight

November 16, 2007
“Princess, your father asks for your attendance at dinner tonight.”

These were the words that caused my anger, worry, and eventually, my happiness. I am the crown Princess of Sioux Du Blanc, Marie Anjennete, daughter of Rene XIV, the king of our small kingdom in the realm of Purdulux. As the only surviving princess, and heir to the throne, I was expected to one day become queen, but only if I had a consort, or to my father’s standards, an old, rich, noble man of high reputation. Everyone in the realm knew of my current un-betrothed state, therefore causing bachelors, widows, and married men alike to come tapping at my door, spewing nonsense of ‘companionship’ and ‘romance’. I however didn’t not want to marry any old windbags, but my father thought otherwise. He only invited me to dinner when he’d found someone suitable enough to his standards, which is why I slammed down my spell book and glared at the page once he’d finished…….

“Come now, Marie, don’t spoil your appetite by getting angry,” said my dear old governess Hilde. I gave her a look, and then turned back to the page.

“Who will be joining us at dinner?” I asked him He lowered his eyes when I looked at him.

“Count Miguel Sophire, your highness.” The page replied. With a wave of my hand, the doors slammed shut and I sat down to think. Not only am I the princess, I’m also secretly an enchantress, something my father doesn’t know about. You see, my mother, also an enchantress, died when giving birth to me, and as a result, I got her magic. Hilde, my mother’s former lady in waiting, is a sorceress. Though not as powerful as I, she has been teaching me for the last two years, so I can use magic quite well. When my mother died, Hilde became my governess, so she’s schooled me in other things as well. She has even told me stories of my mother, so well in fact that I felt as if I knew her too. Hilde claims I look like her, dark auburn hair, snapping gray eyes, a straight nose, and a small nose; she also says I have my mother’s horrid temper and hasty attitude, though I can be sweet when I feel like it. But do I really care what Hilde thinks about me and my mother? No. I’m me, not my mother. I wish everyone could see that…….

After I slammed the door in the page’s face, Hilde got up from her emboirdery and went to my closet to pick out a gown.

“What gown would you like to wear, dear?” she asked me. I opened my spell book and began scanning the pages.

“The black and red one, with the black cloak.” I replied. Hilde gave me a look, but took out the gown.

“Marie, now that you are going to be sixteen-moons old, you need to stop behaving like a spoiled child.” Hilde said. I ignored her blunt words as usual.

“Whatever do you mean?” I asked innocently while reading a liar’s spell. She set my boots on the stool near my dress.

“You frightened that poor page, he’s probably cowering in the corner somewhere.” Hilde replied, “Why, your mother never would have acted as you did, atleast until the page left…..”
A glass vase exploded near my bed. Hilde looked up at me.

“I know, I know, control your magic; but I am not my mother.” I said through clenched teeth. She went back to her emboirdery.

“I know.” She said simply. After that, we didn’t talk much that night, atleast until it was time to go to the dining chamber.
I put my fan in the pocket of my cloak and opened the door. Hilde follwed me out, keeping her normal three paces behind me. Several serants and noble folk curtsied and bowed as I hurried past. I rolled my eyes and walked faster, forcing Hilde to hurry behind me. Once we reached the to the dining chamber, I nodded at the guard to announce me. He opened the heavy, metal double doors and stepped in.

“Her Royal Highness, Princess Marie Anjennette.” He said before stepping aside and letting me in….

This should be interesting……

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