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November 16, 2007
By Egypt Jenkins, Norfolk, VA

She stood on the raw concrete, her heels causing her to tower highly above the ground.

“Hey Bryan, you look nice.” Kelsley said. His tuxedo was sharp as his date’s spike heels. The sun was shinning, and there wasn’t anything that was going to spoil this lovely day.

“You look rather, delicious.” Bryan said, licking his lips. Kelsley blushed as her rosy cheeks turned a bright red.

“Thanks.” She replied.

“Oh sorry, I hope you didn’t think I was talking to you. I was referring to that magnificent cake Maggie was eating.” Bryan said. A chuckle erupted from his mouth, following a thunderous laugh. Kelsley looked over at Maggie who was eating, but soon spotted her mother.

“Come on. Let’s leave before my mother starts taking pictures for her photo album.” Kelsley said. She dragged Bryan inside of the ballroom, shaking him from a daze. When they entered the ballroom, the music roared throughout the speakers. Decorations of all kinds hung from the ceilings and the walls, most of them reading ‘09. Bryan suddenly grabbed Kelsley by the waist as they began to dance. They danced for hours, and finally they were exhausted. Although Kelsley had on a strapless, sleeveless dress, she was hot.

“Let’s go outside.” She said to Bryan. She took him by the hand, moving through the large groups of people that crowded the dance floor. As the couple reached outside the sun cut into Kelsley’s hazel eyes turning them gold.

“You look beautiful.” Bryan said. A smile appeared across Kelsley’s face, and just as she and Bryan leaned in for a kiss, Kelsley’s mother yelled…

“Got ya! Now this is a photo to remember.” Her mother said with a smile.

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