More Than the World

November 15, 2007
The sun had laid its head gently on the horizon signifying the fall of the afternoon; with the sky beginning its artistic descent into darkness blending it’s colors to overall creating black. C.J. and Julie were a delightful couple, loving, caring, and trusting, that began, walking back through their neighborhood. Julie almost skipping, with one hand holding a leash to her dog, the other capturing the hand of C.J.’s with a smile on her face, presently looking straight into C.J.’s eyes, not realizing her dog, on his own started pulling the both of them down the street.

They each stepped, unsurprisingly, countering each other. Left foot. Right foot. Right foot. Left foot. Looking down, Julie finally noticed the oddity of their footsteps, she let out a laugh. C.J. quizzical at his girlfriend’s reaction asked with a smile, “What is so funny?”

“The way we are walking,” she replied, “look at it.”

“Oh?!?” he exclaimed.

They both began to laugh and strolled on down the street.
“So, C.J.” Julie said in a sly voice, “we’ve been dating fro 6 months.”

“Yes?” C.J. grinned

“How do you feel?” she spoke with the same tone of voice.

“I think I love you more than ever.”

“You only think?” she asked stunningly, yet playing around.

“You know what I mean.”

As they started were watching the street lights suddenly burst open into life for their daily, insomnia attack, they kept walking further up the road, nearing a curve, a park with swings, benches, and even a slide appeared that gave Julie an attracting eye, as if leading them to its reassuring gentleness, recapturing their young spirits again. Julie took hold of C.J.’s hand and began to race toward the park.

“Whoa, slow down!” C.J. shouted. He began to laugh and almost tripped on Julie’s foot.

“Hey watch it,” she said with a sarcastic tone, “those are my good shoes.”

Easing towards the red grid-like bench, both of them, almost forgetting to slow down, and a hole, making C.J. jump, nearly made the both of them lose their balance. Immediately, Julie fell into C.J.’s arms, making him collapse down onto the bench.

“Hmm, are you tired already?” he asked

“No, just in love.”

Blowing through the both of them, the breeze did something funny, in that instance, acting out their love for each other, giving them a soft blow, with a warm undertone, and a hint of coolness. Suddenly, the dog began to bark uncontrollably.

“Shut up, Spike.” Julie said

Both set of eyes shot up to see, walking down the street a girl, familiar looking only to C.J., though. He suddenly buried his head to Julie’s warm and comforting body, shielding his face away from the girl that seemed to have the noticed the two on the bench as her head gave a gesture, as if she had recognized him back. A bit surprised at his reaction, Julie gave a rather hard, long thought about whom this mysterious girl could have been. Unknowingly, the girl, appearing to be getting closer was C.J.’s ex-girlfriend and she didn’t seem to be in a kind, and forgiving mood. With a quick jerk of the head to get the hair off her shoulders, the girl gave a sneering smile to Julie and, several up-and-down glances, as if they were being compared to one another.

“C.J., C.J., is that you?” the girl shouted while waving.

“C.J., get up.” Julie looked down and him and whispered, “who is that?”

Nearing the two, the girl, strutted her way through the grass, making sure every step could be heard. Shocked ad irritated, yet seemingly confused, Julie, wondered if someone would actually lack the sense of leaving a couple to be alone, especially at this time of the day.

“Oh...” C.J. finally answered, “That’s Samantha.” His face continued tensing up until his teeth were almost gritted down. The dog barked furiously again and began to become defensive, rearing up his backside, showing his teeth.

“Spike, STOP!!” Julie shouted. Samantha finally arrived to them and singled out C.J. with her eyes.

“Well, C.J. I’m glad you remembered my name.” she voiced devilishly, “but I don’t believe that’s what you were calling me 3 days ago. It was more like, honey and baby.” Fiery gleaming eyes found their way towards Samantha. Julie was not going to leave this one alone.

“Who are you!?!” Her face red as a rose and not even the “Jaws of Life” could unclench her mouth.

“You mean he hasn’t spoken of us,” Samantha asked acting puzzled, “Why, C.J. and I are lovers.” Right away, Samantha hopped over to C.J. and fell upon his chest squeezing him, letting out an unruly snicker.

“Come on, C.J., we’re leaving.” Almost tripping and falling, C.J. was jerked up by Julie and pulled out of the park, away from that girl.

Night had come to its full realm and the street lights lit their way towards C.J.’s house down the street. Still being forcefully pulled, C.J. shoved Julie’s hand away from him, making her stop to turn around. “What are you trying to do,” He asked, “Make me look like a fool?” A face of anger and shame set before Julie’s eyes, as she, almost forcefully turned around by C.J.

“Well then, who was that?” she cried

“That?” saying as he pointed towards the general direction of the park, “that was my stupid ex-girlfriend.

“Why was she all over you?” She angrily questioned, “Did ya’ll do something 3 days ago?”

This made C.J. furious and he didn’t want to answer the stupid and heart tearing question he had just received. “Don’t you trust me?” he asked. Julie’s face suddenly went from angry to blank, looking away with a guilty look. “You don’t?” he asked. Her face still staring down and not saying a word, C.J.’s anger began to rise slowly to a point of explosion. Well then what the hell does 6 months mean to you, then!?” C.J.’s face leaving a disgusted look turned away and said, “Maybe, you should just go.”

“C.J.!?” stunned and on the verge of tears, Julie could take the yelling knowing very well, that her trust with C.J. fell onto her fault for not believing, but she loved him more than anyone, or anything in the world. “You aren’t serious?”

His back still turned. I can’t turn around now, he thought not after what I just said to her. Julie, slowly gazing up and down C.J.’s unforgiving posture, began to tear up.

“Is this what you want?” No answer. A tear gently rolled down the cheek of Julie’s sweet and tender face, leaving a trail for others to follow. Slowly, she began to turn and walk away from C.J., not making a sound, except for her sobs coming, not only from mouth, but from within her heart.

A few moments had passed; C.J. still standing under the lamp post, recounting the events that had just taken place. He loved her, more than anyone or anything in the world.

“I have to find her and get her back to me.” C.J. sobbed, not knowing he was crying the whole time. He started to walk the direction in which, Julies tears had left on the cold pavement. Suddenly and unknowingly, his walk became a jogged, then a full out sprint to catch up to her, leaving behind an angry boy that had finally turned into a forgiving man. A car had past him with its lights shining on a girl and her dog, as it rounded a corner. He was close and could feel her presents leavening the distraught of his emotions. Julie unfamiliar with the sound after the car had passed a hard thing hitting pavement rapidly, like a quickened heart rate. She turned to see C.J. running after her, with sparkles in his eyes. The second they met to embrace each other, C.J. had picked up Julie with his strong, loving arms, with Julie having to drop the leash of the dog, who was wagging his tail, as if he knew they were happy at that moment. They stood there, clinging to each other, enjoying the presence of their bodies pressed together to form warmth and comfort.

“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” She softly whispered into his ear.

“Honey,” he replied, “that’s over with now.” He pulled back just enough to see her eyes, in which he gazed into them like it was his happiest memories being repeated in them. “The only important to me, is that I have you, now.”

The night whisked on and the stars slowly turned as the earth twisted on its side, but C.J. and Julie, however, still stood together, tightly holding on to one another, not letting each other slip away.

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