Finding the Truth in a Lie

November 1, 2007
I sat in my usual spot that night, on the bench under the lamppost, right next to the bus stop on the corner of Main and Pickwick. It was late and cold. The world was blanketed in darkness, consumed whole by the blackness of the night and the absence of the moon. Two lone figures immerged from the woods to my right, one walking away quickly, and the other desperately trying to keep up. Now I’m not one to eavesdrop but in this case I really had no choice but to. They were quickly heading towards me and they didn’t look like they were going anywhere beyond my point. I noticed that it was a young man and woman; they were arguing back and forth as they made their way towards me.
The girl slowed up as she neared the bus stop, I don’t think she noticed me though. The young man had finally caught up with her at the bus stop. He had reached out a hand laying it on her shoulder, and had slowly begun to turn her around.
“I’m glad we’re over.” She suddenly shouted out. Her words sounded harsh, they seemed to cut through the young man as he looked at her shocked. I noticed that she was fiddling with something on her left a hand. A ring? I was sure of it. “I am…I really am.” She stuttered as she thrust something into his hand.
“Are you really?” he asked her. He held up the object in the palm of his hand. It was a ring, the light from the lamppost flickered against it, causing it to shine and sparkle. She nodded her head, holding herself. I don’t blame her; it was chilly out. I would have offered her my jacket, but something told me this wasn’t the right time. He began to run his fingers across it, turning it over and over in his hand. The young man looked deeply troubled and somewhat sad as he stared at his feet. I couldn’t figure out what was so interesting about them. And yet, he also looked almost relieved.
“Your lying you know.” He dared a glance at her. Her eyes were now brimmed with tears and she shifted from foot to foot. She was shaking.
“I thought I could trust you.” I had to strain my ears to hear her. She was whispering. Her lips quivered and she had brought a hand to her face, to wipe away the tears.
“Yea, well trust is a lie.”
Ouch. Now that had to have hurt.
“You made that painfully clear.”
Burn. Um, that too.
“I know….” He looked away from her. This guy clearly held no remorse for what he did. Man, why is she with this guy? “I never wanted to, you know?”
“I never wanted to hurt you.”
HA! Such a classic line, I couldn’t believe this guy had the nerve to even say that.
“Well that’s what they all say.”
“Yea I know, but I’m serious.”
Oh please, this guy was really laying it on thick.
“Well how do I know that?” She was falling for it, I could tell. Her tears had ceased and she was now managing to look him in the eyes without completely breaking down.
“Because I love you.”
Oh Please! If she fell for this than you can call me Oprah.
“Well that’s the sad part isn’t it? I can’t take you seriously, I don’t know that you love me.”
Because she can’t trust you.
“I can’t trust you.”
Thank you.
“Well why not?” he really didn’t have a clue.
“Cause trust is a lie…. right?”
She got him there, and she knew it. She then proceeded to turn away from him and continued her journey on up the street. The young man stood there for a good five minutes watching her retreating back. My bus arrived soon after and I boarded it, taking a seat on the right side. And as the bus pulled away I watched him through the window. The young man remained where I had left him, standing and watching, waiting. I don’t think he thought for a second that she wouldn’t be coming back…. Boy was he sorely mistaken.

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Inthegrayzone said...
Sept. 8, 2008 at 2:15 am
Bethany.this is reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy good!!!
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