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November 27, 2012
By word-whisperer-13 SILVER, Somerton, Arizona
word-whisperer-13 SILVER, Somerton, Arizona
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"Without reading we would be cooped up and left to die from being so bored."-Mr. @kins
" Dyslexia shouldn't hold you from doing what you love, but pushing harder, no matter how hard things get with it you will make it through and be great"- my sister

There are few entrances into reality but even fewer exits. Life is full of itself when the real world comes around. You may hear adults say “When reality comes knockin’ you got to let it in,” (this is not always true). Even though many think books are only educational, they are really secret entrances into the lives and adventures of others.

Books are only thought to be educational, but at times they can be in ways that are undetected. As you sit down with that word filled manuscript, you procrastinate to start because, “It’s only to be instructive” you tell yourself. Truly you just don’t appreciate let alone, find delight in, the fine arts of literature. You exasperatedly scan that text because you are told to, and like many, if you are told to do something, you won’t do it. Now stop and think: reading is only there to be enjoyed. (Yes some find those colossal, bulky text books a great read.) Have you ever heard of picture books? You know, the ones that are meant for little children? Take another look at those words; there is some massive vocabulary in that tiny book. You expand your imagination as you go from beginning to end of each page. So don’t race through your book, take your time, and allow yourself to fall victim to the authors hypnotic expressions and engulfing concepts.
Thoughts racing though your mind as you rush past the halls to your locker, shove everything into it and grab your Hunger Games book 3, and dash to the library, desperate to finish the rest of that final chapter, just to start another series. You think your life is boring, so you want to discover the adventures of others. Reading, as you tell your friends, is the only outlet to the stress in your life. You get to investigate the author’s cryptic explorations through their own thoughts that seem useless at times, but in fact are only there to inspire the readers. As the book comes to life in your hands you are amazed at what you have missed. The author’s words are your guide to understanding the parlous adventures that await you in an unforeseen jungle of thoughts. Unfolding in front of you is a world all your own (because you are the only one capable of seeing your beliefs).

Allow your imagination to run wild in the lives and adventures of others while you learn new concepts presented in that novel. Let the words shoot off the page to give you those thoughts of gore from Stephen King’s horror stories, and pleasant feelings of the Disney princess tales. So remember, never think books are only educational, although they are the pathway to your forever growing knowledge, they are also a source of imaginative growth.

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