The Seeker

November 26, 2012
By Bookworm007 GOLD, Madison, Missouri
Bookworm007 GOLD, Madison, Missouri
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You know that feeling of being on top of a roller coaster? With the wind blowing your hair, intense adrenaline rushing through your veins? You have no control in a situation like this. You are at the mercy of the ride.

Quidditch is different. You are flying through the atmosphere. Wind flowing through your cape. Controlling the direction and altitude of your broom at all times.

Roller coasters have no hidden obstacles. No rocks on the tracks. No random flying objects. Just unexpected loops, twists and turns.

Quidditch is a game based upon hidden obstacles. You never know who will pass you the quaffle. You have to be constantly aware for incoming bludgers. But most of all – there is the snitch.

Roller coasters are not a contest. It doesn’t determine the pride of your house. There is no goal you must reach. There is only one way to end it, it’s over when it’s over.

Quidditch is a contest. Two teams battle for pride and house cup points. You play until someone wins unless you find the snitch. We call them Seekers and they have sole power to end the game.

Roller coasters have operators, their screaming patrons along for the thrill. People dragged on by over enthusiastic friends. All seeking a rush.

Quidditch has four main types none more important than the seeker. Keepers guard the goals waiting for chasers to send the quaffle through the posts, Beaters protect everyone from nasty bludgers, While seekers search for the snitch.

Roller coasters have no point. Their patrons are just along for the ride. Every ride is the same, Never a variant in their track.

Quidditch is different. Seekers struggle to keep track of the snitch’s ever changing path. Its wings flit back and forth, nimbly traversing the court. Never moving the same way twice.

Roller coasters are a pass time, Quidditch is a sport. Rollercoasters are for a thrill, Quidditch is for pride and the game depends on you. The seeker.

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