Through My Eyes

November 26, 2012
When you look at my life, what do you see?
You see the typical American family, with two parents, three kids and the family pets. A perfect little house on a sizeable piece of land, just enough room to grow up. A mom who bakes and cleans, a dad that works every day, and comes home to relax. Three kids, straight A’s and involved in every club and sport you can think of. What else can a parent ask for? Right?
I see a family that is hollow. Plastic smiles and emotionless compliments, demanding nothing but absolute perfection. Toeing the line isn’t enough most days, and in a rush to save face, feelings are pushed aside for what is right and proper. Never alone, kids are always with someone, someone who annoys them more than ever, but they can’t say anything. Silent, emotionless, and perfect behavior… This is what they want? This is what they strive for?
You see a straight A student, top of her class, teacher’s favorite, always following the rules.
I see a teenage girl, who wants free time, to put rules aside and be an idiot for awhile.
You see a home, with white siding, and a tan roof. A family room full of pictures from sports, reunions and weddings. A kitchen, cookies in the oven, flour on faces, and the dog eating dough off the floor. Laughing in a room, playing a board game, joking and teasing.
I see a house, with white siding and a tan roof. A family room full of posed photos, no emotion, no feelings. Playing a game, only one winner, four losers. Joking to make everything okay. Eating cooled cookies on plates, sitting at the dining table, no conversation. Not a crumb is dropped or a glance exchanged, toeing the line…This is what they want? Really?
You see the perfect family, working together toward success.
I see a broken family out of touch with each other.
You see the American dream; while I see the polar opposite…Wanna look through my eyes?

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