What Mother of Mine?

October 7, 2007
By Tabitha Snow, Lakeland, FL

Disappointment reflects from your eyes. You see her "rebeling" or finding herself. Breaking from the mold you have created for her. Your precious baby girl not following that dream you wish for her. But instead making her own. She does not thrive on disappointing you but wishes to make her own decisions. Would it be so hard as to let her do her thing, back her up? Then when she finally sees that she has needed you, you should be there. Instead you disown her, "What daughter of mine?". It is cruel and in her time of need she will remember that you were not there for her. She will search for love from a strangers heart to replace that emptiness you have caused. Maybe one day she will find a love that is worth hanging on to. Forgeting the pain she recieved as she was younger. Forgetting your face simply because you did not care to see her hopes and dreams. She will find herself and forget. "What mother of mine?"

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