The Story of What Happened to Baby Blue: A Shoe's Perspective

October 7, 2007
By Megan Frauendorfer, Andover, KS

I remember the worst day of my life. I remember when I was scarred for life. Why? Well, I remember that day; my owner, Kaylene, took me to the mall with her friend, Megan. We had walked around to almost all of the stores on the bottom floor and I was already becoming tired of being dragged across the floor. Of course, Kaylene suggested, "Megan, we should go to the top floor now because I think we have pretty much covered down here."
"Okay," Megan replied.
Even though I could not have been any more tired I was ecstatic. We would be going on my favorite ride, The Escalator. Do you know how sometimes a ride breaks down? For instance, the Mamba at World's of Fun or the Rockin' Rollercoaster in Disneyworld. Well, that is exactly what The Escalator did to my husband, Croc, and me, Baby Blue. Okay, actually it broke down with me not Croc. Anyway, we were ascending upward on The Escalator. When we reached the top, the place you step off of the ride, Kaylene took a step forward with Croc and then started slidign me toward him. Suddenly, shooting pains went through my back because I had become stuck in The Escalator; it was malfunctioning. Kaylene quickly pulled her foot out of me and then began trying to pull my back out of the ride.
"Help, my Croc is stuck in the escalator," Kaylene shouted. Megan just stood there in shock while I was being pulled at and, honestly, I was SCARED.
Finally, Kaylene pulled me through to freedom. I was saved. It is one year later now and I still have a scar on the back of me to prove that The Escalator can be extremely dangerous, even if it is still my favorite ride at The Mall.

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