Halloween Pumpkin

October 12, 2007
By Adam Brumley, Buckhannon, WV

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin named Larry he was a lonely pumpkin, he had no family members, because his mom and dad had been carved when he was young. On every Halloween he has nightmares about him being carved just like his parents.

One day Larry and his friends are talking about Halloween and all of a sudden he has a vision of him going trick or treating. So he asks his friends if they go out trick or treating and they say sure.

Larry says that’s great!
Larry asked them what they were going to be. One of his friends says he is going to be a ghost. They other friend says he was going to be a monster, and Larry said he was going to be a human.

So when Halloween comes a round they go out trick or treaty and they are having fun until Larry has a vision of him getting carved. The first few houses they go to it seem fine. When they go to this one house and he sees all of this carved pumpkins. Larry said I am not going up there. So his friends say okay. They moved on to the rest of the houses on the street. So they got the rest of the houses and they wanted to go to the one house that had all of the carved pumpkins. Larry said its fine I will go up there, and every thing went okay.
Everything was going fine until he tripped over a pumpkin and he saw that it was his father, and he looked right beside of that pumpkin and say his mom. When he tripped over that pumpkin it pulled his costume off and revealed that he was a pumpkin. When the real human say that he was a pumpkin he wanted to carve him up just like he did to his mom and dad.

After Larry knew that his cover was blown and ran away from that house because his friends cover was also blown and they were carved. So Larry ran so far and hard he past out. When he woke up he say the human sharpening a knife, and he was strapped down. Right as soon has the human was about to put the knife into him, he started to yell and he shout his eyes. For some odd reason he heard his mom, dad, and friends voices, so he opened his eyes and found out that it was all a bad dream.

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