October 1, 2007
By shantinique johnson, Detroit, MI

As i ventured down the hallway of this large home evry light was out and the way i could see was from the moonlight ray that gleemed through the sheer curtains and peeked through the slight cracks of the closed doors.the house was old and as far as i know not a soul has lived in this house for years.i let my curiosity take over me.ihad no buisness being in this house but something or someone was in there.i tried to open most of the doors but they seemed to be locked except for one of the doors that was close to the end of the hallway.as i slowly followed the moonlight path that peered through the slighty opened door i began to get excited. i tried to walk as quietly as in could but the wooden floors still creeked loudly with every slow step i took.when i finally got to the door i softly grasped the doorknob pushing the door open slowly and quietly forcing my body into the room then i closed the door exacially the way it was before i entered it.as i wlaked around the dark room i noticed that i was steping on amputated parts of toys

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