Nicole, Ayanna, and Breia

October 1, 2007
By Breanna Dugan, Detroit, MI

Once upon a time there was three girls Nicole, Ayanna, and Breia, they were all best friends. Breia did not come around as mush as she use to. It was still Nicole and Ayanna, Ayanna use to come over Nicole house everyday when she got finished doing her everyday chores. Nicole and Ayanna were the best of friends they went everywhere together shopping, movies everything Ayanna use to eat dinner with Nicole everyday.

One day Nicole start talking to this boy name Tony and she did not know that her friend Ayanna liked him so Nicole asked Ayanna did she like him she kept saying no he's ugly, so Nicole kept talking to him anyway. One day when Nicole spent the night over Ayanna house that's when everything got started Ayanna started making up rumors so Nicole and Tony can break up , they final broke up and thats when Ayanna started to get a resume that's the only reason he went with her he broke up with her for Nicole and they stayed together every since Nicole and Ayanna got into it with each other and later became back friends but they soon got into it with each other again and have not been cool ever since final Nicole and Tony broke up but till this day they still remain close friends and see each other on a regular basis.

Breia came back around and found out that we were beefing but she still hung with the both of us untill one day when she got into it with Ayanna to and now it's just Nicole and Breia forget all the other haters

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