My new Life- chapter one the funeral

November 22, 2012
My new life
Chapter one- the funeral.
It was a dark stormy afternoon when I turned into one. I was at my dad’s funeral he died of a hardtack. I remember that night very well. I was sitting next to him watching the game we were laughing and cheering then all the sudden it happened he past out. I freaked out and called the ambulance. My mom was at work I called her up and told her. Then the ambulance showed up I hung up and let them in. I observed slowly as they carefully lifted him up into the stretcher and stuck the neck brace I don’t know why they do that, they started to tighten the straps I did not like the sound it made. I slowly followed them out to the ambulance. I asked one of the people if my dad would be ok. They said yes. I walked up to the ambulance and watched them stick the oxygen mask on him and sit down so I climbed in and sat down and grabbed his hand. I told him it would be ok that the doctors would fix him all up. I feel bad now because they did not.
Well back to my memory I was sitting in the waiting room when my mom walked in ran up to her with tears running down my face. I kept blaming myself for what happened but my mom would not let me she kept telling me it was not my fault. Finally an hour later they came In and told us we could go see him and said they did there best and that they did not know if he was stable enough. I walked in holding my mothers hand still with tears on my cheek. My dad saw me and told me it was not my fault. I finally said fine it is not my fault. Then my dad said he loved me very much and would never give me up even if he was being forced. I said I loved him to and that I was sorry for every little bad thing I did to annoy him. Then my mom kissed him on the forehead and said she loved him she stood up with her eyes filled with tears. He told my mom that it would be ok. I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand and smiled and kissed him he sounded really sick.
Then all the sudden he closed his eyes and the thing that showed squiggle lines went straight and I knew he was gone me and my mom burst into tears then all the nurses and doctors rushed in and shocked him over and over but nothing happened. They told us they were sorry. And left us alone for a little then after twenty minutes past we walked out and they went in and covered him up. Well it’s been a week since that I’m at his funeral now as I stand there listening to everyone say there sorry for my lost. I noticed something weird watching me from afar it looked like a guy in all black I was kind of scared. I just ignored it I thought I was seeing things so I went on talking to everyone. Then it was time for the ceremony for my dad to go in the ground or whatever you call it. As he said that we could go and say our speeches if we had one. The guy in black came sneaking right behind me and bit my neck it was painful after he left I fell to the ground and started scream out pain. Everyone rushed to me and seen the bite they could not figure it out no one has never seen this before. My mother called the ambulance she was freaking out. The last thing I remember hearing before passing out was the sirens from the ambulance. When I woke up I thought it was all a dream a really horrible dream. I told my mother that I had a dream that I was at dads funeral and a guy in black came behind me and bite me like a vampire. My mother said it was not a dream but they did not know about the bite it has never looked like anything they ever saw. Then I slowly brought my hand up to my neck and felt the teeth size wholes and said oh I remember now.

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