Watch me fade like your love for me did.

November 20, 2012
By Brooklynfyre PLATINUM, Pierceton, Indiana
Brooklynfyre PLATINUM, Pierceton, Indiana
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I walk towards the rough, rocky surface, awaiting to see my fate. Slowly i take a step towards the edge as i look over and see the water beckoning me in. I sit down with my feet hanging over crying my eyes out as the sun starts to set. I stand up and take the final leap, but before i do i look to see you walking up to me.
Watch me fade like your love for me did.
The wind whips around me as i fall through the sky to the blue abyss below me. i look up to see you staring at me with your ocean blue orbs glistening as droplets of water falls from your face. I smile up at you a sad, yet happy smile.
The air seems to guide me down now closer to the water below. I see a look cross your face and wonder if it is of love lost or regret. Maybe it is of neither, maybe you are happy i will be leaving this world, i am not sure...
I just know that i will finally be free from you and your lies.
Soon i hit the water with a terrible splash as i still look up at you with hurt in my eyes and a smile on my lips, holding in my breath waiting for a reaction from you. It never comes.
i let the air out as my body begins to ache, a drowsiness surrounds me as i watch the bubbles float to the surface and pop.
Finally I am free.
you look down to see the blondness of my wavy hair shimmer as if golden in the water and see the small smile that always played on my lips when ever i saw you.
you see the life that shone brightly knowing i was in love with you gone from my eyes

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