September 27, 2007
By Kaitlyn Schrieber, Matthews, NC

I sat there for a while with my eyes closed; the sun gently warming me. From behind my eyelids I saw the color orange, the color of the gentle calming summer sun.

As I opened my eyes I saw one single flower that triggered a memory; not a happy memory, but also not a sad. Then as the memory started to replay in my head, I remembered what my little brother Daniel used to say. ‘Each flower represents the blooming of new life, like a flower grows and expands its petals; we grow old and gain wisdom.’ I used to laugh when he would quote that line; not understanding the true meaning. Even as a six year old boy he had more wisdom than I did, and I knew that.

Now as I sit in the meadow, sunshine pouring through the shadows of the trees, unnoticed tears slipped down my face. For a while I cried, still living in that precious memory.

When my tears ran dry I noticed the flower. It was a beautiful black rose. I reached out to snatch it up, and when I did one of the threatening deadly thorns cut me. Suddenly a swirling portal of darkness enveloped me.

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