Pistol and a Check

November 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Pistol and a Check

“Someone stop her!” yelled the injured bank manager. But it was too late. Skylee was fast, she put her pistol in her jacket grabbed the duffel bag full of money and started to run.
* * *
24 hours before.
Mr. Belt was making a large drop of money he invested selling the antiques he found on his trip to Egypt in the New York Times Bank.
“Here just sign these papers Mr. Belt, and its all settled,” said the bank manager. Mr. Belt then got his suitcase and started to head out. On his way he bumped into a pretty, young lady.
“Oh, sorry,” she said. As Mr. Belt was walking away she looked up with a smile, in her hand she held his wallet.


Skylee wakes up to a phone ringing. It turns out to be the person who was suppose to help her with her robbery. The right hand man to Mr. Belt.

“Skylee? Its John Eastman. I agree to work with you today. If I get 50 percent of the profit.”

“No, 25.”

“Okay, fine. 25 percent it is. Meet you today at noon, like we agreed earlier.”
John was waiting for Skylee.

“Ah, Skylee there you are. I thought you already changed your mind.”

“Nope, I’m here. So we’re coming in. I’m Mr.Belt’s secretary and suppose to get all the money he deposited yesterday. And you’re as his right and trusted man who has all the account information will help me get the money so I can get it to Mr. Belt. Got it?”

“Yes, I got it.”

“Okay great. Now let’s go and finish this fast. I got a pistol for safety.”
As they walk in the get greeted by the bank manger.

“Hello Mr. Eastman. What brings you in today? And who is this lovely lady with you today?”

“This Skylee Vience, the secretary of Mr. Belt. We have got orders to take the money we deposited yesterday for safe keeping. We have gotten anonymous threats yesterday.. about that money.”

“Oh of course Mr. Eastmon. Please follow me.”
As they follow him, Skylee is keeping a close eye on everything going around them. They walk into the safe and John puts in the account information. As soon as he had done that John turns around. But to only face Skylee’s cold, steel pistol. Skylee pulls the trigger straight into his temple. John falls to the ground before he even lands he is dead! The bank manager gasps.
“Oh My Gosh!! Please don’t shoot me! I will do everything just don’t kill me!”

“Shut up and put all the money in these duffel bags! Fast!”
Trembling and shaky the bank manager starts shoving the money in the duffel bags. But not fast enough for Skylee. She shoots at him.
The sound of the gun going off ripped through his ears. As it goes straight into the managers arm. He screams!
“Faster, faster!” Skylee is already yelling and helping him. The money is in the bags and the bank manager falls to ground from losing so much blood that was oozing from the wound in his arm. But he had just enough energy to yell out:
“Someone stop her!” Before he fainted. But Skylee was quick. She hid her pistol and slipped out just before the guards got in. And they never heard of Skylee again for a very long time.

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