November 11, 2012
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i apologized for something i didn't do. even after you said those terrible things to me. things i didn't deserve. and all i got back was 'thanks. i forgave you though. because i learned a very long time ago that i would never get a "I'm sorry." or a"this was my fault." and its something iv learned to live with. because that's who you are and i will just have to deal with it. i have been taught to forgive.
the saying goes "forget and forgive". but forgetting is pointless. i like to remember every moment when you should say sorry and you don't. it helps me to remember that you cant help it and reminds me it will happen again.
i wonder why its so hard for you to say sorry. do you really think you don't have to? that you haven't done anything wrong? and that's what makes me saddest. is that you don't know your hurt people. or how often you do.
you are kind and caring but one time i want a apology that you mean. for you to regret what you say or do.
i am waiting on the day that i wont or cant forgive you. I'm ready for that day. but are you ready?
every gets hurts and everyone goes through a hard time but you cant think that you haven't done anything wrong. so i forgive you. you once promised me that you would keeping smiling. so do it. i am.

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