French and Snaily

November 6, 2012
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See this slug here on my finger? I will kiss it. His name is French because he said he always wanted to be a french fry. And guess what? I’m not afraid of him or his friend snaily on the bench. A matter of fact, I want to take them home in my blanket but Miss Sara says that will hurt them and mommy says she doesn’t like bugs. I don’t understand. Are snails and slugs even bugs? Who knows but they must be related because they both leave slime on my hand and they both have little eyes that poke in and out when they’re scared. But you know what? They’re eyes always poke out around me because we’re bestest friends. And they are good friends because my mommy says that good friends are always there when you are sad. And I’m always sad because Miss Sara won’t ever ever let me take out my blankey. So I sit here and snaily and French the slug come to play with me.

One time when I was playing on the structure, my friend almost stepped on another snaily and I said, “No! Snaily!” I had to save his life so I accidentally pushed my friend and she fell back but snaily wasn’t turned into a broken shell. Miss Sara took me to the bench and for play time told me I couldn’t draw but I had to help the teachers clean up. But what Miss Sara doesn’t know about me is I love cleaning, just not in high places or corners because mommy says that is where spiders live and yes I’m not afraid of nothing but I don’t want to be friends with spiders. That’s not mean, though. Wanna know why? Because Liam said he didn’t want to be my friend because I’m a girl and I like him and he doesn’t want to get germs so that’s being a meany right? Not spiders? And mommy told me I’m nice and I have lots of friends and even Betty the cook gave me a slice of carrot cake in secret because I’m good. But spiders don’t scare me and don’t get that confused with anything please.

Sometimes when French doesn’t come out to play, and Snaily is spending time with its family, I sit on the bench all by myself until a teacher comes up to talk to me. And the teacher, but I don’t know why, is almost Miss Sara all the time. And I try not to be a meany but I don’t really like Miss Sara too much because she says I can’t take my blanky outside to play and whenever one of the older kid teachers come to speak to me, she tells me to play tells the older kid teacher that they can’t just talk to one kid. But sometimes the kids to play with are mean and don’t let me play house or climb in the tree with them and Erin won’t ever ever let me be Sailor Moon. People are supposed to talk because that is good and that is why I like talking and sometimes say I talk too much but talking makes people happy, not afraid. When I am scared or afraid because lightning is too loud, that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of lightning though, I like to talk to my mommy. If French the slug could talk, and Snaily, I would talk to them too and because they probably get afraid, I would be like a mommy and make them feel better. Because mommy’s don’t get afraid, and if they do, they are good at hide and go seek.

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