Character Description: Chrissa

November 4, 2012
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Natasha sat, hunched down at her desk with a hand supporting her head and evaluating the new girl, Chrissa.

She was pretty. With lengthy blond hair swirling down to her mid back and delicate, jade green eyes surrounded by smooth and luxurious, sun-tanned skin. She sat straight up and delicately positioned each of her dainty (clearly manicured) hands on top of her desk in an entwined manner. She appeared to be intently engrossed in Mr. Cloovlay's ridiculously boring speech in which demonstrated something or other about a "stupendous!" tribe called the Mayans.

But Natasha, of course, could pierce right through Chrissa's apparition of perfect innocence. Through her incredibly observant eyes, Natasha could see Chrissa, clearly, as a fraud. Her blond hair was obviously bleached and her gorgeous eyes were surrounded by a circle of the faintest blue... She wore contacts. Her glowing skin possessed a dangerous hue and her body projected a message clear as day- 'I am IMPORTANT'. Though her posture was rather respectable, it was apparent that she held herself in a haughty manner. The way in which her hands lie delicately upon her desk could have easily been mistaken for politeness, but upon closer examination was found to demonstrate superior.

Oh yes. She was one of them. And indeed, this meant Natasha would have nothing to do with her. As it was clearly stated in the "Natasha BraidWorth's Book of Rules: Natasha BraidWorth is to ensure distance between herself and those thriving and/or involved with a clique at all costs... No matter the obstacles and consequences forced to deal with during a later period." MmHm. And that was that! Natasha gave a mocking flip of her hair and returned her attention to Mr. Cloovlay.

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