Shot at Love

January 7, 2008
By Ashley Blanc, Davisburg, MI

It was like any ordinary day; Elizabeth Martin woke up for another day at school. She went through her daily routine. Throwing off her blankets, storming around her house. Elizabeth looked in the mirror to find herself within the image. With her blonde flowing hair, big blue eyes, tan complexion, and her pearly whites smiling into the image back at her. She is the picture perfect girl. It seemed as if any guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. The only person that didn’t like her anything more then a friend was the one person she truly had feelings for.

Elizabeth went to a mid-size high school in Batavia, Illinois, were she had met who she thought to be her new best friend. Connor was new to Batavia and didn’t know anyone in the town. Connor was very quirky, and his attitude appealed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was always really outgoing and loud. Connor was very interested in Elizabeth, but since he was new to the school he didn’t want anything to do with it. He was worried that Elizabeth wouldn’t want to get to know him better. But, soon they would become lifelong friends just by simply talking.

A few weeks later they started talking slowly. It then only took few months for Connor and Elizabeth to become inseparable. Connor and Elizabeth always had an amazing connection that they thought would always be there. Everyone else thought they were going out, others said they were meant to be. Elizabeth and Connor always knew they would just be friends. It seemed as if nothing would stand in the way of their friendship. Eventually things were going to change. Connor had always been a guy who had loved the attention. Elizabeth had always given Connor enough attention, but it wasn’t quite enough for Connor. He started talking to Katie and soon the attention that he needed, he was getting. Katie had always kept a close eye on Connor but when he first came to Batavia High School she was already dating someone else. Katie couldn’t do anything about the fact that she was physically attracted to Connor. You see Katie had always been one of those girls in high school who had enough self- esteem for her, and five other people. Katie was going to try to do anything to become closer to Connor.

Elizabeth felt like she was losing Connor but she wasn’t sure what to do.
Elizabeth knew that Connor loved the attention from Katie, and became enraged. Elizabeth had always thought that there would be know one else in Connor’s life besides her. Until one day, Connor had decided he had to talk to Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth, can we talk?” Connor asked.

“Of course Connor, you know that whenever you need to talk about anything that I am always here for you.” Elizabeth kindly replied, not knowing what to expect.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately.” Connors fidgeting while standing in front of Elizabeth making her feel uptight.
“I like Katie!” Connor spluttered.

“WHHATT! When did this happen? How could you like her? Do you honestly want to be like every guy in the town of Batavia and get with her? She isn’t even your type. You just started talking to her! Do you know anything about her? What are you thinking?” Elizabeth at this point was screaming everything not even thinking of what she was saying.

“Elizabeth, why are you on the defense about this? Katie is a good person; you just have to get to know her. It doesn’t take your approval for me to like someone. I just wanted to let you know.” Connor trying to take in what just happened.

“Oh my gosh Connor, you don’t even realize it. Katie has always been jealous of our relationship. Whenever I become close to a guy, she tears the guy away from me. You honestly think you’re the first guy I have liked that she has tried to take? You better believe that you are going to get played just like the rest of them. So don’t say I didn’t warn you so.” Elizabeth said while turning around getting ready to back away from Connor.

“Wait, Elizabeth… Did you just say the first guy you liked?” Connor questioned Elizabeth’s thought.
“What? No silly. I would never say that. I don’t like you more than a friend. If I liked you it would be like me liking my brother, and that would just be weird. I can’t believe you thought I said that.” Elizabeth bowed her head so that Connor wouldn’t see her cheeks blushing, bighting her tongue realize that, that was a close call of Connor finding out that she actually has feelings for him.
“Ok. Well I guess I will talk to you later. Sorry that I assumed that you said you liked me.” Connor ignored the fact that Elizabeth just admitted to him that she liked him. He didn’t want to make a big deal about it.

The halls at Batavia High School began to get busy, this only meant that school was about to let out. It was the last hour left and Elizabeth could not stop thinking about the fight between Connor and herself. She didn’t want to lose her best friend over a girl like Katie. It wasn’t worth it to her. Elizabeth knew that she would have to tell Connor how she really felt straight up, but how?
Sixth period flew by for Elizabeth. She knew that she was going to have to talk to Connor after school, and let him know why she had flipped out earlier. She opened up her purse with only five minutes left of class and pulled out her phone. Looking up Connor’s number to send him a text message.

The text message read: Meet me by my locker after class. Love Me

As the class came to an end Elizabeth could feel her heart beat faster and faster. Was she actually going to tell Connor how she felt? Was she going to avoid the topic totally and make something else up? Elizabeth had to think fast, in less than sixty seconds her fate was going to lie in the hands of what she was going to say to Connor.

Elizabeth took her time getting to her locker. She knew there was no way around it now. She got to her locker and Connor was waiting for her.

“What did you need to talk about? Is there something wrong? What’s up?” Connor quickly asked.

“No, nothing is wrong I just wanted to talk to you about some stuff. Do you have time to talk?” Elizabeth’s voice quivered with fear.

“Actually right now isn’t the best time. I told Katie that I would take her home from school. She just called me and she is already waiting at my car. Is it ok if we talk about it later? It wasn’t that important. Right?” Connor said walking away.

“No, no it wasn’t important. I just wanted to tell you that I have fallen for you and that I can’t stand the fact that you like someone as fake as Katie.” Elizabeth whispered to herself watching Connor walk away from her
Elizabeth drove home that day feeling worthless. Feeling as if she had lost everything she had worked for.

“What did I do to deserve this? How did I let this happen to myself? I should have known better, I know how Katie is. I can’t believe this!” Elizabeth had so much running through her that she got distracted from her driving.
Elizabeth knew that there was only one thing to do. She called Connor.

“Hey, is there any chance that you are home?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yeah, I am. Why?” Connor briefly answered while giggling.

“Is their someone there?” Elizabeth questioned

“Katie stopped by after we picked up her car. Did you need something Liz?” Connor wanted to know what she wanted but Katie was distracting him in the background.

“No, its ok. I will just talk to you about it later. Have fun with Katie.” Elizabeth jealously closes her phone hanging up on Connor.

Soon after the phone conversation, Connor called Elizabeth back. He knew there was something wrong and that Elizabeth needed to talk. He had sent Katie home, and called Elizabeth backed.

“Elizabeth, what is wrong? You have been acting strange all day ever since I told you I had feelings for Katie.” Connor exclaimed.

“I need to talk to you in person. Its getting really annoying because I’m always right there for you whenever you want to talk. Now that Katie is in the picture, you are never there for me.” Katie sternly said to Connor as she hung up on him.
Connor knew that he had to do something about this situation, so he decided to drive over to Elizabeth’s house to talk.
As Elizabeth walked outside to get the mail she saw Connor sitting in his car on his phone. Elizabeth walked up to the window.

“Don’t think that all your worries go away just because you came over to talk.” Elizabeth yelled.

“ Will you please just hear me out? PLEASE!” Connor asked.

“Yes, but after you listen to me. I am going to say this once and not repeat myself. Got it!?!” Elizabeth with an attitude went on.

“Yes, I got…” Connor tried to get the whole sentence out but before he knew it Elizabeth had already started talking.

“I said you were going to listen to me! Listen, the only reason I became defensive about the Katie thing is because I have feelings for you Connor. I always have, and no matter what I say, I probably will always have a spot for you in my heart. I became a jealous freak that I couldn’t control. It was nothing against Katie, and it had nothing to do with you liking her. I just didn’t understand why her? I thought that you knew I liked you. I put everything out on the line for you. By me being there for you no matter what was suppose to show you how much I cared for you. I obviously didn’t do a good job. I just want to see you happy. If being with Katie is what makes you happy then so be it. You have to realize that no matter what you decide, I will still be there for you!” Elizabeth put everything out there, and soon would get no response?

“Umm, you could say something Connor.”

“Sorry, sorry, I had to let that soak in. Plus you told me that you were talking and that was it. All right Elizabeth I appreciate you telling me this, but why now? I just asked out Katie.” Connor still stunned by what he had just heard.
Connor drove off and ended the conversation. Elizabeth stood in the drive hoping that he would come around and come back. She stood there dawn ‘til dusk. Waiting, hoping, wishing that the end was not near, but still knowing that things would never be the same.

After a while Elizabeth and Connor grew apart. Connor knew that Katie would become a conflict, but he was willing to take that risk. Elizabeth lost interest in Connor. She knew that if he was willing to take the risk in the first place then he wasn’t worth crying over. She realized that her future was more important then focusing on Connor. Elizabeth got her priorities straight and became the best she had ever been. Elizabeth never regretted anything she admitted that day. She knew that this was her new beginning of the end.

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