A Missing Half

January 7, 2008
By Erika Linstaedt, North Branch, MN

Toddler twins with blonde hair and blue eyes stood smiling widely with their small undeveloped teeth in a frame that stood alone on Jadine’s nightstand. Every time Jadine looked at that picture on her nightstand of her and her twin sister, Kristina, she wanted to do anything to see Kristina again. Jadine walked sleepily into the kitchen for breakfast and there was her mother reading the morning newspaper. Jadine’s mother closed the newspaper when she saw Jadine entering into the kitchen.
“Sweetie today is a sad day for us,” Jadine’s mother, Donna, whispered.

“Why?” Jadine asked confusedly.
“Today is June 5, 2007 and it’s been three years when my daughter and your twin disappeared,” Donna said quietly.

Jadine looked back on the day when Kristina disappeared, June 5, 2004. It was a warm night with a beautiful pink sunset. The two ten-year-old blonde-haired girls swung on the rusty old swing set in a park until the sky was pitch black. Jadine and Kristina decided to race each other to see who would get home first. Jadine earnestly wanted to beat Kristina at racing because Kristina always won every race. “1…2…3…GO!” Kristina screamed.
As the twins sprinted, Jadine took off into a short cut home so that way she could beat Kristina at racing this time.
“Jadine! Where are you? I can’t see you in the dark!” Kristina yelled angrily while she ran.
Kristina’s words faded away as Jadine ran fast as she could. Breathlessly, Jadine arrived home first and expected Kristina to come soon. Kristina never came back for three years.

The bell rang in Armstrong Middle School as the thousand kids poured out screaming excitedly for the summer 2007 break. Jadine spotted her redheaded best friend, Larissa, walking toward the bus to get on.
“Larissa, want to walk to home with me?” Jadine yelled out loud.
They walked quietly then Larissa brought up a new idea.
“I was wondering if you want go to the skate park with me to watch the boys skate next week?” Larissa asked.

Several days later, Jadine anxiously sat on the computer chair waiting for Larissa’s reply for the skate park plan for that weekend. The email window flashed orange; the sign for new un-read email, Jadine excitedly clicked on it and slouched down when she found out that it wasn’t from Larissa. It was from an unknown person.
“Dear whoever you are, I have your twin with me.”
“GIVE MY SISTER BACK!” as Jadine clicked the Reply button, she cried.
Seconds later the mysterious person replied, “No, I won’t unless if you give me the reward.”
Jadine decided the emails she had received had to be showed to her mom. Jadine’s mind raced with so many questions like how she supposed to get her sister back from the mysterious man. 6-1-2-7-0-6-9-8-8-1, Jadine dialed on her telephone,
“Hello geek squad, I’d like you to track down my computer because I just got an unusual email from a “mysterious” person who says they have my missing twin sister, Kristina Amber Erickson.”
The next day the computer investigators came and they tracked Jadine’s missing twin sister and the end of their investigation was successful because they got the “mysterious” person’s home address which was in Siren, Wisconsin. Jadine’s family currently lived Jacksonville, Minnesota.
During the weekend, Jadine went to the skate park with Larissa to watch boys skating near Larissa’s house. As the two girls sat on the edge rim of the twenty-foot ramp and watching some dudes going down and up with their skateboards. A brown haired dude with a blue Hollister shirt and faded jeans was skating up towards the girls.
“Jadine?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Jadine answered puzzled. “And this is my redheaded best friend, Larissa,” Jadine added.
“I’m Jake Reeds, by the way, and nice to meet you two, gorgeous,” he said.
“Wait! Jake, was that you... the nerdy guy who used to have a big crush on Kristina?”
Jake looked on the ground then began to speak, “Yeah…I was the nerdy guy in 5th grade. I heard Kristina is coming back soon,” Jake said anxiously.
“I hope so, Jake,” Jadine said. In a second, Jake olled down the twenty- foot ramp with his lime green skateboard.
“Jadine Ann Erickson, wake up now!” Donna screamed frantically.
“Mom…there’s no school today! It’s summer!” Jadine shouted.
“They’ve found Kristina!” Donna said excitedly. The three words Jadine’s mom said made Jadine so happy that she cried so hard. Jadine’s parents went to get Kristina in Siren, WI while Jadine stayed home and invited Kristina’s close friends and Jake Reeds for a little welcome home party for Kristina.
Kristina was sitting anxiously at the Siren Police Station waiting for her parents to hug her for the first time in three years. A breeze came in the room from the door and a short blonde woman with red sweater and jeans and brown haired man with striped flannel jacket and jeans came in the Police Station. After the three years, Kristina still knew what her parents looked like, “Mom and Dad!” Kristina screamed happily as she ran toward them to hug them harder than she had ever done in her life. Donna smoothed Kristina’s curly hair, “What happened to your straight hair?”
Kristina replied, “I grew up a lot.”
In the car, Kristina’s parents asked their lost and found daughter so many questions like she just came back home from a camp for two weeks instead of three years. As they pulled into the driveway of blue two story house with white shutters, and the another word to call it is home.
“Home…sweet…home” Kristina whispered.
Steve, Kristina’s dad, let Kristina to be the first person to open the door and the first person to go inside. The doorknob creaked as Kristina turned it sideways to open it. The first thing Kristina saw was her twin, the person she missed so much for three years.
“Jadine!” Kristina yelled.
“Kristina!” Jadine yelled as they both hugged each other.
Jadine gasped when she saw that Kristina was several inches taller and had long blonde curly hair while Jadine had straight sandy brown hair. Their appearance might have changed after several years but their love for each other as sisters would never change.
After the cake and tears, Jake got up his courage to walk up to Kristina.
“Kristina… I’m not sure if you remember the nerdy guy in 5th grade who had a bowl hairdo, but if you do, that was me. I’ve always wanted to do it but I just never got the chance to do it and I learned my lesson because any person who you love could be missing tomorrow, so here it is,” Jake spoke softly as he kissed Kristina on the cheek.
“It’s all good to be home at last.” Kristina happily announced.

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